How To Make Video Scripts

How To Make Video Scripts

Writing a Script for a Video

Are you ready to create a video but aren't sure where to start? Video scripts are essential for any video content, from advertisements and YouTube videos to corporate presentations. Not only do they help ensure that your message is properly communicated and easily understood by viewers, but they also make the process of scripting and shooting quicker and easier. In this article, Tim shares tips on how to write great video scripts so you can convey messages effectively!

When people come and say, “how do I do a video?”, the very first thing Tim says is “make yourself a script”.


Write down everything that you want to get across and write down the images that you want to see.

Watch the video at 1:14 timestamp as Tim explains in detail how to make a two-column script.

Here are some basic script terms to help you!

  • TCU = Tight Close Up
  • WS = Wide Shot
  • MS = Medium Shot
  • NATSOT = Natural Sounds (chirping birds, babbling brook)

When other people reads the script before the movie or before the video gets done, you want them to be able to visualize and hear what is going to happen on screen.

Question and Answer with Tim

Paul: What's the difference between the script and a storyboard that I've seen in documentaries where they have the shots laid out kind of drawn out?

Tim: I think I would say they are very much the same except in a storyboard, you're going to add little mini images of what it's going to look like.

Paul: When you're editing, is there a general rule of thumb of the amount of hours of footage you have to the final product?

Tim: No, not really. Some of these documentaries, people just shoot hours and hours and hours. There is no there's no standard ratio.


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