24/7 Legal Services and Identity Protection for a Very Low Price

24/7 Legal Services and Identity Protection for a Very Low Price

Not Just One Lawyer but a Law Firm in the Palm of Your Hand

Presentation by Oscar Capel

Oscar is your local LegalShield and IDShield Associate. Their company protected businesses and families with their award-winning services for 50 years. Currently, they have this disruptive marketing and app technology that any individual can use whenever they need protection and legal assistance from identity theft, violation, and more!

Oscar was a Dental Technician for 38 years who worked his way up to management and ran a 97-person Laboratory in Costa Rica. Everything was doing great until the company went bankrupt. After losing his job, Oscar read the book by Robert Kiyosaki entitled Rich Dad Poor Dad. From that book, he came across the questions “how safe is your job? how safe is your ability to create income if you are a hundred percent dependent on yourself being able to create income?”.

That's a little question for you to think about in the meantime.

When Oscar lost his job, he figured he had to do something else because there were no dental technician jobs available in his area. That's why they were in Costa Rica, they had to outsource. When other 40 million people found out during COVID that you need to find a different way to make an income because jobs are not secure, what he did was he retooled. 

He became a Certified Identity Theft, Risk Management Specialist. He was doing shows, presentations, and interviews on TV about cybersecurity. From there, he became an associate with LegalShield because LegalShield provides an important service for individuals, families, and businesses. Moreover, IDShield is part of LegalShield. Everything kind of gelled together. 

The Socio-Economic Landscape Has Changed And Employees Are Struggling

The social-economic landscape has changed since COVID. There was a study about what people need now that we're seeing what's going on with the job market and other legal things going on. It says we need to access law firms and today, we are doing it in a different way. 

Some of the things that they did in the study are Estate Planning, Landlord/Tenant, Family Law, and Consumer Finance. 

Legal Needs Among Millennials and Gen Z Soared in 2021

It is because Gen Z have grown up with a device in their hand 24/7. They do everything from their mobile device. Like Netflix beat out blockbuster by making movies more affordable and easier to access, LegalShield is Disruptive Innovation. 

How LegalShield Can Help You

Access to legal services have been expensive, unresponsive, and unaccountable. You pay by the hour like blockbuster where you rent one movie at a time. However, with LegalShield, it is affordable, accountable, and responsive. LegalShield gives you access to a law firm. Again, not just a lawyer but a law firm in the palm of your hand.

If you have access to your phone, you have access to your firm. 

And it’s not just any firm in New York, it's Feldman, Kramer & Monaco which is a huge organization.

They were picked by LegalShield because they were taking care of the big unions and so they already knew how to do legal services for large groups.

Consumer Issue 

“One of the ways I used it is for a consumer issue. My car was fixed two years later, the part went bad and it made me pay for the part even though I thought that part should have been warranted for one year. Using the law firm cost me nothing to have a legal letter sent out and I got my $500 back from Toyota. If you ask your lawyer how much it is to have a consultation, and then have them write a letter, it's way over $500. That means, if I use a regular traditional lawyer, it would've cost me more to have a legal issue resolved than it is to just let it go. Having a law firm in your pocket allows you to do that. And you can restore your rights without going crazy, without looking at your wallet to see if you have enough money.”

Wills and Testaments

Another great feature of LegalShield is living will healthcare power of attorney is included in the service. LegalShield has taken the cost away making the process very easy.  You start with only eight pages to answer and the lawyer will call you up if there are any questions and have that resolved.

Your On-call Lawyer

There is a supposedly a conspiracy theory that IRS is hiring 87,000 new agents they are not going after the fortune 500 companies. They will go after mom and pop stores because mom and pop stores don't have a lawyer on-call that help them with audits. 

But if you have LegalShield App all you have to do is push a button. Submit the ticket to the law office and the law office will call you and let you know what to do. If it's out of state, they can actually go to the court for you so you don't have to travel back to that court.

It it's a small fee for that 24/7/365 access to a law firm.

If you have kids in college it’s a good idea to have that on your phone. 

Identity Theft

Wrongly incarcerated singer Archie Williams spent 39 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. This is what happens when you don't have a good lawyer on your side. 

Fact: 34 billion records were stolen in the past couple of years and that means our information is out there and it's for sale.

The article “The Emotional Toll of Identity Theft” includes five or six articles come up immediately. The emotional toll is real and people don’t figure it out until it actually happens.

Way back when we had the Equifax Breach, they said “you're going to be looking over your shoulder the rest of your life because of this 147 million record leak”. Morgan Wright, the US State Department Senior Anti-terrorism Advisor when the Equifax leak happened was in an interview and they asked him, “what do you do with identities?”. “I use a company called IDShield because they have actual investigators.”, he answered.

That is a key point, licensed private investigators to do the restoration. This is what you need to do. 

Another thing, ID shield does is it puts a circle around your house and let you know who the registered sex offenders are, where they are, and see how close they are to where you live.

Member Perks 

LegalShield has a lot of partner companies offering perks and discounts. 

Pricing and Plans

Reputation Management

Everything we do is digital and all our information is out there. This feature will let you see what your footprint looks like out in the digital world. AI will look over all your information and let you know what critical information you should take off/remove from data brokers. 

Call Oscar and he will do a sweep of the dark web for your business and see if there's any potential problems that you should be looking at. Protect you and your family at a very low cost because bad things happen to good people, call Oscar today!


"After witnessing firsthand how a 30 + year family business can go under the lack of qualified legal consultation, my mission has become to protect & empower local businesses with the best big business solutions on a small business budget.

In 2022, disruptive marketing and app technology allows your law firm to say; "How can I help you not, how can I bill you" we also provide the same services to the families that depend on those local businesses.

Hacking and Identity theft continue to be the fastest-growing crime around the world. We've protected businesses and families with award-winning services for 50 years.

A portion of every sale helps fund Operation Underground Railroad. They exist to stop child sex trafficking in the USA and around the world.
Looking forward to further serving the expanded virtual community."

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