Senior Care in Somerville New Jersey

Senior Care in Somerville New Jersey

A Place at Home is located in Somerville, New Jersey but they cover Somerset, Morris, and Hunterdon County. And they also have a few CCOs in Union County. 

In this article, Jessica Dale talked about in-home care and what we they do for seniors.


“Our Mission is to be Passionate Professionals Providing the Compassionate Care Solutions You Need, Where and When You Need Us.”

It doesn't matter where the seniors are, some seniors live in independent facilities, and they go there as well. Whatever the seniors call home, that’s where they go to help them.

Philosophy: We Are Care

C.A.R.E. stands for Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical.

“Those are actually the values that attracted me to this franchise because that's all the values that I live by.” - Jessica Dale

Company Overview

The company/ brand is new in New Jersey, but it's not new in the United States. Two good friends decided to open up an agency and build it up from the ground up in Omaha, Nebraska. Then, when they were successful they decided to expand and decided that franchising was the right way to do it.

Now there are more than 22 franchises and Jessica is the 22nd one.

Why A Place at Home

Jessica worked in the nonprofit field and it was something that she enjoyed because she was helping people. Moreover, Jessica is an only child and took care of her mother when she went through a lot of health issues. She had very limited resources because she didn’t know that in-home care exists.

Today, Jessica is passionate not only to help the seniors but also the families that are the caregivers. Jessica understands that they need a break and they need assistance. 


These are some of the services that they provide. 

  • In-Home Care - Assisting seniors age in place while caring for them in their homes.
    • They go to the senior’s homes and help them with companionship and personal care. Companionship is not only being there with them and assisting them with socialization and stimulating their brain but also doing things that will help them stay active. A lot of seniors just sit around and watch tv and they need a little bit of movement. That is why APAH train their caregivers on how to encourage seniors to be more active.

  • Care Coordination - Assist seniors and families with a higher level of understanding and experience in navigating the sometimes complex and confusing healthcare system. 
      • The nurses will assist them in coordinating all the different things that are to be coordinated with the doctors appointments. Sometimes they are unable to retain some of the information that is set in appointments and a nurse is actually trained to understand that and do the follow up. 

  • Staffing Services - Lending your skill set to assist a Skilled Senior Community and their patients.

    • Senior Living Alternatives - This is a free service for the seniors. When home is not longer the right place for the senior, they decide to go to a living facility, APAH acts like a realtor for them. APAH help them find the right facility based on their needs.

    Performance Recognition

    Home Care Pulse is a company that go over the services of APAH with their clients as well as their caregivers to see how they are doing.  Then, Home Care Pulse provides feedback so they can improve, take action, and make changes.

    APAH Caregivers and Nurses

    All of their caregivers are licensed Home Health Aides. They took a 72-hour course, and 16 hours of it is hands-on practice. They are required to have the license in order to do personal care with seniors.

    Caregivers and Staff Members

    • On-the-job training - even though APAH Home Health Aides have been trained for every task, a lot of times they don't do it on a regular basis. Therefore, their nurses make sure that any time that a caregiver takes a case, the caregiver is reminded or trained on the job and watched whether they do their tasks properly with the client.
    • Continuing Education - this is offered by APAH so their caregivers can maintain their licenses.
    • Referral Bonuses - APAH also offers referral bonuses to their staff. If they refer APAH to other caregivers or even clients, they do get a referral bonus.
    • Recognition - in many different ways, APAH recognizes their employees. 

    APAH Caregiver Training

    • They train them to know and understand Fall Recovery for clients that are fall risk.
    • They also train them how to deal with people with dementia.
    • APAH’s quality of care is always an ongoing training. 
    • They train them to know how to deal and help the clients that have Parkinson's disease or any other conditions.

    “Our corporate is also very supportive and they have a National Caregiver Newsletter. What they do is, we have this, Caregiver of the Month Program. And when a caregiver is a caregiver of the month, we recognize them in many different ways through social media and gifts and things like that.
    But at the end of the year when we have our convention, we submit our Caregiver of the Year to go into the big pool of other franchises. And whoever is picked as the caregiver of the year among all the franchises, gets to go to the day of the convention to receive $1,000 all expenses are paid. They receive a plaque and they make a professional video for them”

    Career Growth

    APAH offers career growth for their caregivers. They can start as a caregiver, but then they can also move up to Field Supervisor, which is basically going into the different cases and homes to understand what the caregivers are doing and what they need.

    They can also become Senior Services Coordinators which is an office position and they do all the schedules and other administrative tasks. They can be a recruiter or be an Office Manager or maybe an Agency Owner. 

    APAH Caregiver Benefits

  • Workwins
      • Discounts on hundreds of goods and services, including Apple, Target, Nike, Under Armour, Airbnb, and more!

    APAH Client Care

    Care Plans 

    • Created by A Place At Home Registered Nurse
    • Executed by licensed caregivers
    • Updated every 60 days or as needed

    Caregivers’ Tasks

    • Record completed tasks
    • Record why tasks were not completed
    • Clients/family have visibility to these tasks as part of client’s care plan

    Know The Risks of Hiring Privately


    "We provide customized In-Home Senior Care based on the senior’s needs. All care plans are created by a qualified professional and delivered by a compassionate team of caregivers; Care Coordination, Stuffing Solutions & Senior Living Alternatives which is a FREE personalized service that helps seniors and families identify the senior care community that fits their needs whether it's independent, assisted, memory or long-term care. At A Place At Home “We are CARE” Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful and Ethical."
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