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Relax Teams

Tim Stollery - Videographer

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Let Emmy Award Winning Videographer Tim Stollery Tell Your Story

Industry Experience Licenses:
30 Years N/A


About: Tim Stollery is an Emmy Award-Winning videographer who aims to tell every client's story in a unique and passionate way.

Specialties: Videography

Ideal Clients: Anyone who wants to tell their story through videos

Geography: New Jersey

Blog Posts:

The Art of Videography - In this blog post, Tim Stollery a three-time Emmy-winning videographer/video editor talks about his passion and shares some video-making and editing tips for you!

The hook on the video above that he did for huddles was the news piece. Tim started the video with a  30-second news report from NBC about the horrible things happening as the pandemic spreads to grab the people’s attention. From there, Tim wrote a narrative and transitioned it to the Relax Team Huddles talking about how to deal with the pandemic.  See the Relax Teams video.

Archives of History in New JerseyGetting to know the events that happened in the past gives people a better understanding of how society and the political system became the way they are now. That is why about 20 years ago, Tim Stollery, a three-time Emmy-winning videographer/video editor, decided to work at the State Archives in New Jersey. He is very interested in going through historical documents and records and also getting deep with the history that reveals certain aspects of the State.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Dvorin
Highly Recommend

Tim is a real professional and storyteller. Tim took the lead on reviewing literature and the available product videos to put together several top notch, 1 minute videos with very little direction. These videos were being developed to share on the different social media platforms. Tim does outstanding work and has a great voice to narrate too! I would highly recommend Tim.

Robert Bura
Consulate Professional;

Stop search as you have found a true professional who truly enjoys his work. It show in his quality and professionalism.

Jake Meola
Leave Your Phone Away!

Have you been at an event and tried to keep up with the best shots with your own camera phone? Ditch the screen and hire Tim to do all the heavy lifting so you can actually ENJOY your event. With Tim, you not only get to capture the best moments, but also the story behind them. DON'T WAIT! Book Tim, you won't be sorry!

Desirae Haluk
Best Story Teller!

Tim is fun and so passionate about his work and provides the most comprehensive and well produced videos you will see.
His love for history drives him to research details about the stories he tells in his videos which makes him stand out from other videographers.
I would highly recommend Tim!

Reviewer avatar
Candido Rodriguez
Award Winning Videographer

Tim is an award winning videographer. His team and experience will take your video history to the next level. Tim is very professional with years of experience and tons of awards. Check his YouTube channel to check out his work.