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Paul Taubman II - Digital Maestro - Chief Online Strategist

Build Your Website with Paul Taubman 

Why a Website Is Important for Your Business

In the video above, Paul shares not one but two fulfilling stories involving Digital Maestro. One is about a story of a local painter growing his business after building a website and the other is a rewarding website project with a non-profit organization.

A local painter in New Jersey gets his clients from either word of mouth or referrals. He is always constantly looking for the next job until Paul and his team launched a website for him. Shortly after, Paul received a message from the said local painter informing him that he got his first job straight from the website! Paul shares how exciting it is for him and his team to know that they are able to help businesses to be found by clients instead of the other way around.

Another story was about a non-profit organization that was just starting down on the Jersey Shore and Long Branch helping drug-addicted individuals and families. Covering a large Spanish and Portuguese population, Digital Maestro created a tri-lingual website for them. Paul shares the satisfaction they feel when working on rewarding projects making a difference in the community.

What is Digital Maestro?

Digital Maestro is a website agency helping companies and organizations get the visibility they need and deserve. They help build websites from scratch and also re-design existing websites. Their aim is to make websites that are a marketing tool by themselves or more of an advertising piece. 

“Keep an open mind. Sometimes what you think is best, but working together, we can find the ultimate way to get you online, get you the visibility, and get you the clients.” - Paul Taubman

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Customer Reviews

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Extremely knowledgable for user experience and website design

Paul will help you improve your website or help you redesign the entire thing. He pays attention to the needs of his customers and when you are done you will have a website that makes you money and you will most likely become friends with him. I highly recommend Paul for all your website needs!

Growing your on line presence

When it comes to the digital world hearing Paul shows how much he can assist you make your business more visible.
Let’s see your business with Paul and his teams help.

Boost Your Online Customer Engagement

Talk to Paul about boosting your social media presence and bringing online customer engagement to a whole new level. VERY knowledgeable in all aspects of online marketing.

Tips & Tricks That Matter!

The difference when hiring Paul is he is extremely knowledgable and knows the tips and tricks to make your website customer friendly, with a professional feel, and gets your website in front of your potential customers using his SEO knowledge!

The true Digital Maestro

Paul and his team's have a holistic approach to website design and security. Making sure you online presence (your digital store front) is on point and give and inviting sense to your clients. His audit is throughout and helps improve your website deficiencies. deficiencies