Rare Finds Store Turns Your Clutter into Cash

Rare Finds Store Turns Your Clutter into Cash

Rare Items and Hidden Treasures

For some elderly, moving was a great idea until they started packing. And right at this moment, George’s team usually gets a call to pack their belongings as the homeowners realize that moving out is a huge undertaking.

In order for a realtor to put a house on the market, the rooms have to be empty and clean. But it’s a huge challenge and that's what Caring Transitions helps you with. They take care of the disposal of clutter.

George and his team are specially trained and certified to work with seniors to get the things that they're bringing with them and help them get everything packed and ready for the movers. Once they have the things that they're taking with them out of the way, the next thing is to run estate sales. They sort, organize and set up all of your belongings into a retail kind of environment.

Then they market and promote it very heavily. Usually, on a weekend, up to  300 plus people come through the home for an estate sale. It’s a great convenience for the homeowner because they also provide staff to manage and control the crowd so people are not just randomly walking through your entire house. They’ve got it staged so people walk through specific rooms only. 

George can help you to liquidate even garage equipment and treasures that you have in your house attic. Once everything is set up, people can visit your estate sale. 

Antique Store

In line with this, George would like to introduce to you a new venture, a spin-off. An offshoot side of Caring Transitions is a consignment store called Rare Finds,  which just started with a couple of soft openings. It'll be in business full-time starting the first of the year and it’s located in New Providence, New Jersey.

Rare Finds

A lot of people have a handful of items that they’re keeping in the garage, up in the attic, or somewhere for years. Though not enough to hold a full-blown estate sale, it may be worth some value so George brings them into the consignment store and sells it on a commission. When the item sells, he takes a small cut of it and the rest goes to the owner.

 Rare Finds Store in New Providence, New Jersey

Rare Finds Store is located in New Providence, New Jersey


The pictures below will give you an idea of the wide variety of merchandise inside the store. It runs a big wide gamut of items to choose from. 

Antique scale

Antique scale 

 Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

Gum ball Vendo, antique dolls, and  hand-carved bottle whiskey decanter from the Prohibition age

Gum ball Vendo, antique dolls, and  hand-carved bottle whiskey decanter from the Prohibition age

Antique paintings Antique paintings

Antique bronze flower vase

Antique bronze flower vase

Antique table, antique clocks, lamps etc.

Antique table, antique clocks, lamps etc.

Antique trove, light fixtures, and chairs

Antique trove, light fixtures, and chairs

The list is endless of what George can take into the store to get it sold. That's a picture of what Rare Finds is all about.

Q&A with George

Q: Who determines whether or not an item is sellable? Is that up to the homeowner or is that up to you? 

A: That’s a great question. Most homeowners put out money to buy a piece of furniture or whatever it is they own and generally homeowners think that the item is worth more than the market will bear. So we communicate and work with the homeowner to decide what that price will be. We have a vast database of items that have sold to show the homeowners if sometimes it's the exact same item that they have or something very similar to what it has actually sold for in the past. 

A big danger is people go to eBay and they see that somebody's asking five hundred dollars for this coffee mug. We know that people ask for all sorts of crazy pricing on eBay. But there's a filter on eBay that you can use to check on the sold box so you’ll only see coffee mugs that are actually sold and that really discourages people. 

I have a guy right now,  we're doing a Harley auction this week, all Harley-Davidson equipment. He has a dealer's item clock and he saw it on eBay for two thousand dollars and got all excited about it and I’ve shown him where that same clock was sold. I found four sales of that same clock where it sold in the neighborhood of about $200, not $2,000.

So we go through all of that with the homeowner. We want them going into it with eyes wide open so they're not discouraged because they know what to expect and when it comes to the consignment store we'll put that item in the store for whatever the homeowner wants to get for. For example, I've got a lace window type of thing right now and the homeowner wants $400. She's never going to get it but we'll put it in. We have an agreement that it's got to sell within a particular amount of time, we can't hold it forever. That’s how we work with the homeowner to come out to a happy medium.

Join Throwback Thursdays with George Pizzo featuring Rare Finds. He's featuring different individuals from around the country who do things similar to what he does and to highlight some of the rare finds and different items. It's like George's version of Antique Roadshow. Watch the live stream on Thursdays every other Thursday at 12 o'clock. 

If you have anything you've been holding on to up in your attic, equipment that you're no longer using down in your basement or out in the garage just let George know so he can get it sold. 

Literally,  George takes clutter and turns it into cash.


George Pizzo Caring Transitions Somerset County NJ

Caring Transitions is a relocation and estate clearing company with vetted, insured, and trained staff. They work like a well-oiled machine to get that house from a cluttered mess to a clean and organized home where people can come in and buy your stuff

Get to know George Pizzo more! https://relaxteams.com/products/george-pizzo-caring-transitions-of-somerset-county

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