Introducing #TBTRareFinds

Introducing #TBTRareFinds

Relax Teams introduces a new series called #TBTRareFinds. A new live stream series focusing on Rare Finds and Hidden Treasures. In this episode, George Pizzo, a pioneer member of Relax Teams joins Dennis Harabin to talk about what is Rare Finds and how it started.

A newly-opened New Jersey Liquidation Store

What is Rare Finds and Hidden Treasures

George is a franchise owner of Caring Transitions, a national company with offices throughout the United States. They provide relocation and downsizing services and in particular includes decluttering services.

If you’re selling a home where you’ve lived for many years, chances are you’ve collected a lot of stuff. The first challenge you need to face then is what to do with all that you have and that’s where George’s team comes in. They will help you sort through your treasures and then liquidate what can be liquidated through estate sales or online auctions and the newest offshoot of that is Rare Finds, a consignment shop located in New Providence, New Jersey. 

Rare Finds New Jersey a Secondhand Store

What #TBTRareFinds live streaming is all about

On Thursdays, Relax Teams will feature #TBTRareFinds as they discuss anything interesting about estate sales and auction business. With unlimited topics they can choose from, George shares that the first one they will feature are Collectibles, its life cycle, its prices then and now, and so much more.  

The series will be taking you on an adventure into the culture and trends of the past including antiques, vintage items, art history, antiquities, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, and other related topics.

Join our live stream Thursdays at 12 Noon EST on the following platforms:

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Relax Teams is proud to feature #TBTRareFinds Live Stream Series sponsored by Rare Finds NJ

 convert your goods for cash
Like an unexpected treasure, Rare Finds NJ is a consignment shop that has a vast collection of one-of-a-kind items. Whether you are looking for that one-of-a-kind furniture item or functional antique, their wide selection allows you to find exactly what your home needs. And if you ever need to convert your goods for cash Rare Finds can help on that too! Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Rare Finds make the process simple and easy.
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