Your Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Business Against Cyber Attack

Your Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Business Against Cyber Attack



With everything going online, a cyber event is becoming more and more apparent even with bigger corporations where everyone's working remotely. Some of the major corporations have been hitting mainstream media. But a lot of times, businesses that are affected aren't hitting the news- these are the small to medium businesses.

And for most small businesses, a cyber event is catastrophic.  They put everything online, they do payment cards and anything like that. But just one cyber event can put you right out of business.

So this September 2021, we bring you Team Central Jersey’s Anthony Guzman with the topic “All About Cyber Insurance”  to discuss cyber insurance - what it is and what it covers. 


Cyber Insurance - Why is it important?

  • Cyber events are occurring more frequently, and all types of organizations are at risk.
  • Breach events are more expensive and often lead to costly lawsuits, various fines, and event response costs.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses have high bankruptcy rates after a cyber event


Top 4 Cyber Threats

  • Data Breach - Protected and confidential data have been stolen and used by unauthorized individuals.
  • Business Interruption -  Attack that directly or indirectly causes your business to stop or break your system down
  • Cyber Extortion - A cyberattack that locks in your system and asks for a ransom to avert or stop the attack.
  • Social Engineering - “Business Email Scams” that use deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or financial information.

 Why is cyber insurance important even for small businesses?

While most small businesses will tell themselves “what's a hacker going to do with me, why is he really gonna come after my business as opposed to a bigger business?” 

The reality is, smaller and medium businesses are prime targets because they're easy to hack. Hackers can go in, hack on your system, put a ransom on you very quickly and so that's why you need cyber insurance even though you're a small business.


This is where PrivaSafe comes in.


PrivaSafe is a product proprietary to USI Insurance Services about cyber insurance so it's not product-driven but process-driven so if you want to know the process of what type of insurance and what it covers, then this article is perfect for you.


man in front of a computer holding a credit card

USI’s PrivaSafe Cyber Solution

USI’s Proprietary Cyber Coverage offers broader than market terms and pre and post-breach services at competitive pricing.


  • Companies are increasingly at risk of experiencing a cyber event
  • A cyber event can be financially catastrophic for most organizations
  • Standard cyber policies can vary greatly and are often issued without many of the available coverage enhancements
  • USI’s PrivaSafe provides pre and post-breach coverage with market-leading terms.
“If you go get a cookie-cutter policy from a small brokerage you have to understand that they don't really give you much. They are designed for small events, maybe a data breach, maybe a hacking event but they don't cover ransom or they don't cover social engineering. These are actually the biggest events that happen to you. It's going to be a ransom event and a social engineering event. “ 
-Anthony Guzman


 Impact and Benefits

  • Avoids the inherent coverage gaps and weaknesses that can lead to uninsured losses and expenses.
  • Pre-breach services can help organizations avoid costly losses and expenses.
  • Coverage enhancements and services that protect a company’s assets and reputation.
  • Typically, these enhancements can be had at no additional premium

Who Is it for?

  • A company that holds Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • A company that holds Personal Healthcare Information (PHI)
  • A company that Manages a Network
  • A company that accepts Credit Cards

 pointing finger on a computer monitor

 Fact: Any company can be exposed to cyber events.


There are different types of coverage: First-party coverages, third-party coverages, and notification cost. Below is the list of coverage descriptions for each type.


Coverages for 1st Party Exposures


Privacy Regulatory Expenses and Penalties

Business Interruption Coverage

Cyber Extortion

Network Recovery Protection

Cyber Crime (including Social Engineering)

Reputational Harm Coverage

Property Damage due to a Cyber event


Coverages for 3rd Party Exposures


Security and Privacy Liability Coverage

Multimedia Liability Coverage

No Retroactive Date Restrictions

Defense Costs Outside Limits

Expanded Definition of Insured/Additional Insured

Trade Secrets Liability Carveback

Deleted or Modified Hammer Clause

Application Limitation to this policy or 12-month look back

Market Leading Sub-limits: TCPA Defense, Costs, Court Attendance, and Reward sub-limits

Internet of Things (IoT) exposures

Bodily Injury due to a Cyber Event


Coverages for Notification Costs


Breach Event Response Costs Coverage

Breach Notification Costs Outside Limits


If you ever experience a cyber event, whether it's pre-beach events or post-breach events, USI will help your business back up and running. And with the breach costs and the fines and all the regulatory actions that can be taken to you, USI will take a look at your full exposures.


Feature Friday Anthony Guzman


Cyber insurance is an emerging place and a lot of people don't know where it's going and it’s very hard for businesses to get it. So if you know small businesses that are emerging and are really starting to mature and scale up, have them speak with me or look at cyber insurance as a way to protect their business in the future because we don't know what is heading this is something that we're in uncharted territories.


Need to just take a look at what's going on and what the options are? Click here and feel free to reach out to me. 


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