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How To Live Healthily: 3 Types of Health Products For You

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Lisa Dvorin is a lifestyle and wellness consultant who is passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle that is easy to implement on a daily basis. It’s her goal for each client to create an easy plan which will lead to excellent results.

Are you struggling to lose weight or struggling to keep that weight off from coming back? Lisa talks about a plan that really does work and explains how it helped her lose 25 pounds without feeling deprived of anything.

It’s a program made up of three parts: Lifestyle Basics, Products, Support.

VFINITY’s products:

Advantages of VFINITY Products 

  • Non-GMO 
  • No dyes 
  • No artificial sweeteners 
  • No sucralose 
  • No casein 
  • Uses grass-fed whey and butter 
  • Uses the right ingredients at the right dose 

  • The products are made to work together but you can use them individually depending on what your goals are.

    They are CGMP certified - The highest FDA certification that a company can get. It means that FDA has come in and reviewed their processes, their manufacturing facility, what is in their products and if they are at the right dose. The FDA can also come in and audit them at any time that’s why it's the highest ranking that any company can get.

    3 Types of Products:

    • Supplements 
    • Mix In’s 
    • CBD Oil 

    Dietary Supplements

    • VBIOTIC 

    This one is a pre, a pro, and a plus biotic. Most products out there are pre and pro-biotics but this is a plus biotic as well. It means it has a patented casing on it on the capsule that prevents it from disintegrating with the acids in your stomach. It allows the capsule to pass to your small intestines and large intestines where we want the good bacteria to grow. That is where nutrients are absorbed and that is where doctors will look at when you have stomach issues such as leaky gut, bloating, irregularity -  and that's what makes that product stand out. 

    • THE DOSE 

    THE DOSE is an immunity booster. They have 12 ingredients in one bottle to boost your immunity to the highest level. It also has vitamins A, C, D, E, turmeric, zinc, and saffron included because they know it's good for your health.

    • V3 ORIGINAL and V3 BOOST

    Two versions of the same product and the differentiation is basically two ingredients because every single body is different so some people find one version better. This product is dubbed "willpower in a bottle" because it helps with your appetite control and provides a lot of energy. 

    The main ingredients are complex Vitamin B's which are methylated. If you want the goodness from Vitamin B's to be absorbed by the body, methylated matters. VFINITY is not sparing any cost and making sure that you're getting the biggest benefit. 



  • It is a bulletproof coffee and it can help you cut back on the carbs and introduce good healthy fats. It is a great way to start your day and the great thing about KETOPERK is that they use grass-fed butter. A study on coffee by Johns Hopkins University reveals that coffee is the most heavily, chemically-treated food in the world and it’s filled with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. If you want to make sure your coffee is clean, KETOPERK  is clean.

    • V2GREENS 

    The CDC has found that less than 10% of Americans get their recommended daily intake of vegetables and greens. V2GREENS combines 72 different vegetables, fruits, and superfoods all in one place. For convenience, instead of going to the store and planning purchasing, buying, washing, preparing, and eating the rainbow, you can simply unscrew the canister, take out a scoop and add it to water. With that, you'd be getting three to five servings and if you really want to do good, have two scoops a day.

    •  V1SMOOTHIE 

    This is a vanilla protein powder that literally tastes like vanilla cupcake batter that you can drink and will not leave you feeling deprived. This also has grass-fed whey in it and 15 grams of protein. It's a great way to add something to your daily routine and feel like you are splurging when you're really not but actually doing really good for your health.

    CBD OIL 

    When you put the CBD in water, it dissolves whereas oil usually does not. That's how you know that this one can get into your cells and is really working. If you're going to be spending money on a product you should know that it's working.


    If you know in your heart that you should be taking better care of your health, this is a super simple and convenient way to do that. 


    Lisa Dvorin Feature friday image

    Lisa is passionate about helping others find their health and wellness. She is associated with the plan called Wellness Your Way, which combines some changes to how you eat and what you eat that are super simple.

    Get to know Lisa Dvorin more! 

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