The Secrets To A Happy and Graceful Aging

The Secrets To A Happy and Graceful Aging

On September 2021 Lunch and Learn Event “Impacts of Aging”, members of Team Central Jersey Lisa Dvorin, Rachele DeCrescenzo, and George Pizzo shared their knowledge and expertise on how to make the most out of our lives as we age.

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Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

By Lisa Dvorin

Lisa Dvorin is a lifestyle consultant who is devoted to helping others regain their basic health and wellness.

“Aging gracefully is more about being happy and healthy than keeping your wrinkles at bay.” 

Lisa Dvorin adheres to a healthy living plan that has transformed her from an overweight person to a happier and healthier adult.

Did you know that the United States spends more than 70 billion on diets? 

The unfortunate fact is that diets do not work in the long run. Additionally, a 2013 Georgetown University study found that people in the United States consume an increasing amount of prescription medications as they age. This terrifying fact that the majority of older folks are facing can be prevented if people realize how a healthy lifestyle benefits their bodies.

Lisa shared on her website a healthy living plan that anyone could follow. This plan includes education on lifestyle and a selection of healthy items such as green powder drinks and immune boosters.

Exercise and Stay Active

By Rachele DeCrescenzo

Rachele DeCrescenzo has worked as a physical therapist for nearly two decades, primarily with teenagers and elderly individuals. She is now focusing on myofascial release, but the elderly population has stayed close to her heart.

“It’s never too late to start exercising.”

Aging is a natural process. Additionally, our cells, tissues, organs, muscles, and bones age. While we cannot prevent it, we can keep our bodies healthy by exercising.

As Rachele mentioned, persons 65 years and older should get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. It could be a brisk walk, climbing, and descending stairs, or playing tennis.

What should we develop by exercise?

  1. Balance

Accidental falls of older persons can have detrimental effects including injury and, in extreme cases, death. To avoid this, it is critical to work on body balance. This can be done by alternately standing on one leg while brushing your teeth.

  1. Strengthening

Good strengthening exercise does not have to be difficult. It's simple and maybe done at home. You can work in a chair then alternate between sitting and standing.

  1. Flexibility

This is connected to our body's fascial system, which runs continuously from head to toe and connects essentially everything inside our body to the cellular level. Simple movements and stretching the body are very helpful.

If you're unsure how or where to begin, seeking Rachel's assistance is the best way to get your body moving.


Live In a Safe Place

By George Pizzo

George Pizzo is a Principal of Caring Transitions. A company that provides professional assistance in relocating and decluttering homes.

“Let us not wait until it’s too late.” 

Organizations inside the house play an important role in ensuring the health and safety of older individuals. Create an environment that is both comfortable and safe to live in. George Pizzo's Caring Transitions can assist you in relocating and decluttering your home to meet your specific needs. 

George shared that 1 in every 4 Americans over the age of 65 experiences fall accidents that resulted in injury.  That is why decluttering and planning the home ultimately contributes significantly to reducing stress and worry in older adults.

Remember, aging doesn’t need to be full of worries and stress. By preparing and staying active today, we can remain productive and independent as we age.

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