Discover Identity Theft Protection

Discover Identity Theft Protection


When your car is hit, you know you can call your car insurance agent. When you get sick, you know you can call your medical insurance agent. However, when somebody decides to take your identity and use or misuse it, do you know who to call?

In this Relax Teams article, learn how to protect yourself from identity theft.

How does identity theft happen?

Story #1 This is a story about a young lady living with a roommate who has been carefree with her personal information. Like most of us, she was very comfortable with leaving her wallet and IDs within her apartment. Years later, police officers came to her door to arrest her for things that her roommate had done in her name. Despite her innocence, she ended up going to jail for the weekend. She needed to get an attorney and prove her innocence yet she didn’t know what kind of attorney to call. Fortunately in the end, she got her identity back and her roommate ended up getting caught. 

See the full story here: Identity Theft Story: How an Innocent Young Woman Ended up in Jail

Story #2 A story about a man who decided to sign up for identity theft protection. He signed up and put all his information and right there he received a lot of alerts of things that have been going on in his life. He had no idea what’s going on and he didn’t know what to do with this information. 

He wanted to make sure that his parents were also protected and when they were in the middle of doing that, they were getting ready to transition into an assisted living home. However, when they wanted to transfer the parents’ home over to the children they found out that they did not own the home free and clear like they thought they did. Someone had put a mortgage on their home, someone took that money, and all the notes and letters go into an alternative address. 

Story #3 When the child is born they get a date of birth, a name, a social security number, and they have an address. All these things are put into the hospital computer, but then the computer system can be hacked by anyone. It's not the hospital's fault that someone can get that information, it's just that the hackers are that good and the more that we block them the more that they perfect their ways. 

Most people never checked their children’s social or financial information until they were ready to go to college. This story is about a mother who went to the dealership because she wanted to give her son a car a year before he started going to college. With the thought of building a credit score for her son, she decided to put his name. They gave the car dealership all the information that they needed but to their surprise, they were informed that he already owned three houses and two cars at the young age of 16.

It took the family over fifty thousand dollars to straighten the mess out. The son missed out on almost two years of college because they couldn't even get a loan with his name on it to bring him to College. The parents didn't have that kind of money to pay for college and pay for the attorney to fix a problem that wasn't their fault.

What is the best identity theft protection? Answer: IDSeal

How does ID Seal work? How does the protection work?

Seal your ID so nothing ever gets stolen. Give them nothing to steal, get IDSeal.

  • No incremental packaging. You're either covered or you're not, there's no in-between. 
  • Enrolment is very simple and right away you're going to get monitoring and alerting. You’re going to get a wide range of potential threats to your identity. They're going to be able to detect if anything is happening in your identity right off the chart.
  • This is a US-based fraud solution center which means that they're there 24/7 for you to make sure that you are able to resolve any kind of issues that may come up. 
  • There are a zero deductible and a one million dollar reimbursement. The company will take responsibility and pay the expenses associated with any identity theft recovery. 
  • IDSeal membership includes a wide range of identity theft protection services including 3-Bureau Credit Reports, Scores, and Monitoring and real-time notification.
  • Free IOS and Android App
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Also, IDSeal monitors your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or whoever it is that you put on your account. Their social media will be monitored and certain words will trigger whether they're being bullied or not online. They will alert you and let you know that these words are being used on their social media so you may check into what's going on in your child's life.

Discover Identity Theft Protection: Personal Story Using IDSeal

Jeannie shares an incident when she went to see a car and asked the salesperson to not do a credit check on her. Jeannie repeatedly asked them to not do anything with her credit background until she is ready to make the purchase. The salesperson went to the back office to talk to the manager about the preliminary pricing and right there, Jeannie received an alert on her phone. The alert tells her not only that she’s being checked but also that she was being checked by the car company she was in.

What are the prices?

For a monthly fee, it's $28.99 a month or you could do it quarterly and you'll save a month a year or if you do it yearly you get two months free. It can be as little as 75 cents a day to protect yourself and your family.

How many people can you have on your account to have covered? 

You can have only one adult per contract but you can have up to 10 children on the family plan. Nieces, nephews, and grandchildren can be covered as long as you have their information and their parents’ permission. The family plan (Platinum Plus) is $34.99 a month.

Jeannie Assante has a portfolio of companies. She takes each of her businesses seriously and keeping herself busy as a multiple business owner is one of her thrills in life. Contact Jeannie now.


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