How to Get The Most Out of Your Home Insurance Claim

How to Get The Most Out of Your Home Insurance Claim


In this Relax Teams video, Robert Bura of Team Central New Jersey shares a presentation explaining what a public adjuster does. He even included specific examples of how he was able to help his clients get the most of their money upfront.

Who is Robert Bura?

Robert Bura is working for Metro Public Adjustments. Most people have their homes as their largest asset and therefore have an insurable interest to maintain the value of it. However, as a public adjuster, Robert believes that insurance companies do not share that interest.

Robert helps people get most of their money upfront, with less depreciation. He is licensed in states where he practices to be a public advocate and to represent the best interests of the policyholder against insurance companies. 

Robert offers a free service, they only get paid when their client gets paid. They help people when they have problems and they help people through professional representation. Moreover, he is also doing educational policy coverage reviews. You can give him your policy and review it for 30 minutes only! 

About Insurance Claims

There are eight different types of homeowner policies and people are afraid to file claims. Insurance companies spend billions of dollars in advertising yet people are still terrified. Most people believe that one claim is enough to get their policy canceled or their rates raised. In fact, based on legislation in New

Jersey, we could be entitled to as many as three claims every five years without our rates going up.

Robert also mentions how his insurance company wrote him a letter of apology and refunded him money. Access the blog post by clicking here

People don’t realize that the adjuster for the insurance company works for and has the best interest of the insurance company. The insurance company adjuster also gets incentivized by how little he's able to offer you and by how many times he's able to deny a claim.

The majority of people have damage in their homes that's insurable but either they're afraid to put a claim in or they don't know. 75 percent of the time, Robert finds damage in the client’s properties that has the potential to be insurable.

Robert gets his clients three to six hundred percent more money and he can get the most of their money upfront. That is the value that he provides. People have a right to a second opinion. They either pay a lawyer a contingency fee without a guarantee of any results and potentially get a percentage on the back end if they get your money. With Robert,  there's never a charge and he does not notify the insurance companies until he is told that it's okay to notify them.

Client Stories

  1. A client got their house hit by lightning and the insurance company said they will pay for the electrician bill. But Robert was able to have all of their appliances replaced. He was able to get them over $18,000.
  2. A corner of the house was hit by a truck, and the insurance company got them $50,000. With Robert, he got them another $185,000 as they discovered that the house came off its foundation because of the impact. The insurance company adjuster who works for the insurance company had no obligation to disclose them unless you ask specific questions.
  3. During a windstorm, a tree was blown into the house, and shingles and siding were blown off. The insurance company is going to give a couple of dollars for a couple of shingles but Robert can ask the insurance company to replace the whole side of the house. If the materials are no longer manufactured, the only way to get the pre-loss condition of the house back is to get the entire house resided.
  4. Anytime water enters a house from above the ground it has the potential to be an insurable loss and with Robert, it’s tens of thousands of dollars of loss. 
  5. A client in Madison had a pipe break on the second floor of the bathroom behind their shower. The insurance company offered them thirty-five hundred dollars to go away. Robert got them forty-two thousand dollars instead. 

*More examples included in the video!

What Robert wants to ask you:

  1. Do you trust your insurance company?
  2. If you want the court would you be sharing the same lawyers the person you are suing against?
  3. Are you aware that 90% of insurance policies are incorrect? *They contain deductibles, exclusions, or provisions that just flat out missing your policy. It will cost you hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars and you won't know about it.

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