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Jeannie Assante - Regional Director

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Discover Identity Theft Protection - When somebody decides to take your identity and use or misuse it, do you know who to call? What is the best identity theft protection? Answer: IDSeal. Membership includes a wide range of identity theft protection services including 3-Bureau Credit Reports, Scores, and Monitoring, and real-time notification.

Protect Your Identity with Jeannie Assante - Living into the new reality, your personal details can easily be exposed. Learn how you can protect your identity, your assets, and your life. Jeannie’s goal is to make people feel secure wherever they are and whatever they are doing. 

Surefire Ways to Protect Personal Identity And Business Data - If someone takes your identity, how much would that cost you money-wise? Would it be more than 75 cents a day? Because if it is more than 75 cents a day, that is what it is going to cost to make sure that your identity is protected. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Heather Crockett

Jeannie is so passionate about what she does to help people protect their identity and save money on healthcare. Everyone should be contacting Jeannie to see what kind of solutions she has!!

Denel Bingel
Essential service

Jeannie is a great resource! She cares about getting you the coverage you need to protect your identity.

Rachele DeCrescenzo
The right person to help protect your ID!!

Trust Jeannie and take a proactive approach to protecting your identity!! She is passionate about what she does and will make sure that you have all the coverage you need to protect you from ID theft!

Tracy Spiaggia
What an important service!

`Identity theft must be one of the most frightening and frustrating experiences. Partnering with an expert like Jeannie is a proactive and powerful step to mitigating or avoiding altogether the pain that comes with this type of crime.

Paul Taubman
Stay Safe Out There

Your identity and digital assets are at risk in our increasingly connected world. Lete Jeanie show you how to protect your privacy, location data, financial info - basically everything that matters most!