The Art of Videography

The Art of Videography


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In this blog post, Tim Stollery a three-time Emmy-winning videographer/video editor talks about his passion and shares some video making and editing tips for you!

About Tim

Tim has been working in the TV industry for a long time now. As a videographer, Tim recalls his work and how he was living the dream years ago from the times of two-way radios, to big pagers, to box-like cellphones. Everything has gotten smaller and better but Tim emphasizes that the key is to know how to put the images and the sounds together. 

“iPhone can take pictures better than big cameras but if you don’t know how to hold the camera and put the stuff together, all of the bells and whistles in the world are not going to help you make a better product.”

Tim has the experience going back to the early ’80s and has adopted and taught himself all the newest gadgets and trends.  Whenever Tim needs to find out something about the new and modern technology, all he needs to do is consult his son who is also a videographer.

Tim is a huge history buff and enjoys bringing his deep knowledge of New Jersey history to projects he takes on. He has produced videos for a number of non-profit organizations including The Old Barracks Museum, The Somerset County Historical Society, The Delaware and Raritan Greenway Land Trust, and Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area.

He is currently working on a video for the Washington Crossing Park Association (New Jersey) which will examine less well-known aspects of General George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River on December 25, 1776, including the importance of ferry boats in the crossing, and the iconic nine-mile march by the army to the surprise attack and victory at Trenton.

What makes Tim the best at what he does

“When starting a piece, you need a hook.” 

On the project with Relax Teams:
The hook on the piece that he did for huddles was the news piece. Tim started the video with a  30-second news report from NBC about the horrible things happening as the pandemic spreads to grab the people’s attention. From there, Tim wrote a narrative and transitioned it to the Relax Team Huddles talking about how to deal with the pandemic. See the Relax Teams video.

What Professionals Say About Tim

“I want to stress and point out how excellent Tim is at shaping a story. On a project for Relax Teams, Tim just took raw clips from our meetings and made that story on the front page and anyone can see the way he really hooked the video succinctly, and bring it together. He has a skill that most people don't.” - Dennis Harabin of Relax Teams, and Relax Tax

“Tim pulled together something for Vfinity. We were looking for a one-minute clip and he did a sample for us and we really didn't give him any background. He just went to the website and was able to pull together a great piece. We were amazed at how well it was done being that we didn't really give him any background.” Lisa Dvorin, Wellness Consultant

“I've been working with Tim. We've started some discussions about doing a video for my practice, Myofascial Release. We haven’t actually done anything yet but hopefully, we're trying to line up some patients to get some testimonials and put together some video for my social media and website. Tim's had some really great ideas for me as well and we've been talking a bunch of times and I know it'll come out well when we finally get it done.” Rachele DeCrescenzo, Physical Therapist

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