Downsizing Help For Seniors: The Best Company To Hire

Downsizing Help For Seniors: The Best Company To Hire


What is Caring Transitions?

When you talk to people who have gone through relocation, moving, or downsizing what you will hear are words like “it was a nightmare, it was the most horrible experience of my life, it just seems to never end, it becomes a full-time job, etc” Caring Transition will take those pieces from you and help you get through them.

Caring Transition offers services that are used by people of all groups and ages. However, they are particularly trained and certified in working with seniors. 

If you go to their website, there is a wealth of information available. You will see the services that they provide including relocation, downsizing, and decluttering among others. They also have a blog where they get to share valuable information with their clients.

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Caring Transitions Online Auctions

Another main service they offer is managing Estate Sales and Auctions. This is so you can liquidate the contents of your home. When they run a state zero option, they advertise in all of the major estate sale portals like and, etc. However, they also have their own international portal for websites If you are thinking of liquidating, this is the place that you can go to.

What makes them the best at what they do

Caring Transitions is CRTS certified. (CRTS stands for Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists) And while they are proud to have been certified and recognized, what makes them stand out among other companies comes down to the organization’s personality. Their team is composed of people with genuine empathy for seniors. They offer their services with a mindset that they are there to help make a very difficult transition as stress-free and as easy as possible. 

When they walk into a consultation, they assess the situation so that they can develop a plan that makes the most sense for every particular individual. Everybody's needs are different, Caring Transitions offer a unique plan that should accomplish what the clients want to accomplish at the least possible cost.

There are companies out there who do estate sales and there are companies out there who will clean and empty it out so that it can be sold. But Caring Transition is the only company that does all of that so you don't have to deal with multiple people and companies coming into your home.

Lastly, Caring Transition understands that moving out can be a very emotional period for seniors and they try their best to make their clients feel that they are part of the process and eventually enjoy the process as it goes along.

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 Presentation by George Pizzo of Caring Transitions Somerset County

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