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Christie Carrera - Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Christie provides Individual, Couples, and Family therapy to individuals 13+ - Please Click Here to book an initial appointment

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Health and Wellness
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


About: A New Way Counseling and Psychotherapy has a mission to support and educate on a new way of thinking, being, and living when managing Mental Health. Christie provides Individual, Couples, and Family therapy to individuals 13+. She uses an integrative approach, involving different theoretical orientations, to find the best fit for each client to encourage healing and growth. She is passionate about client-empowerment, providing access to skills that clients can utilize and effectively enhance their quality of life.

Specialties: Depression, Anxiety, Emotional Disturbance, Relationship Issues, LGBTQ

Ideal Clients: Individuals, couples, or families seeking "A New Way" to navigate through life's many obstacles.

Geography: Central New Jersey

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Customer Reviews

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My best advocate

I’ve been seeing therapists for 6 years but I definitely made the most progress within the past year with Christie. She is empathetic and quickly identifies your tendencies to find your go-to coping skills. I love how she isn’t afraid to pinpoint my problematic thought patterns so that I can actively work on identifying them before I start panicking. She understands how my cultural roots add to my perspectives and I feel comfortable telling her my most personal concerns without any fear of being judged. I came into therapy struggling with physical symptoms of anxiety like hyperventilations and chest pains and now they’re gone..! She is my best advocate and I can’t thank her enough for guiding me through my life journey :)

Krista M.

I started therapy with Christie in May 2021 and since then I have seen so much growth in myself. She has offered me guidance, tools to manage my anxiety, perspective when I can be a little blinded and so much more! I could not be more thankful that I have finally found a therapist that I can connect with and be 100% genuine and myself with with absolutely no judgement. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.

Scott H.
Highly Recommend

Christie listens well. But also helps me to get to the core of a multitude of issues. Keeps me focused and gives me directions that makes me feel are unique to me. She truly is a blessing in my life and I’ve made great progress under her direction.

Donna M.
Great with teens

My daughter has been seeing Christie for over 6 months. She has been so helpful with guiding her through tough teen years. Her insight and knowledge have been a godsend for our family. Highly recommended!

L (42 - M)
Would Recommend

The tools that Christie has given me have allowed me to make dramatic changes to my everyday life and have ultimately improved me and my family. My family has seen such a difference in me that they've started adopting them in their lives as well! I wouldn't be in the state I am today if not for her help, care, and guidance.