Real world examples of using Teamwork

Real world examples of using Teamwork

The latest Relax Teams video featuring Paul Taubman speaks about why he likes to use Teamwork for project management at the July 8th 2020 Team Central Jersey weekly Huddle.

People are working remotely, and some businesses have a lot of people that are working that way. The truth is that collaboration sometimes can be challenging.

In this video, Paul is letting you know more about this project management tool that people use all over the world. Teamwork will help you big time and make it easy for you to delegate important tasks to your team. 

Paul will show you his tasks, calendar, and how his team members are using successfully this extremely useful project management tool. So, you can save a lot of time and allow your business to run smoothly.

Paul covers the following topics:

  • Problems with remote work
  • Collaboration difficulties on project work
  • Reviewing Project management tool - Teamwork

To quote Paul:

  • “By using Teamwork we are able to organize our work easily”
  • “There is an option to integrate a Zapier and Hubspot”

See more in the video above. 

Paul is part of Team Central Jersey which is a member of the Relax Teams was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist local professionals in sharing their strengths and skills with the community.  

By being #strongertogether Relax Teams aids individual professionals and local businesses to help us all as we adapt to the new normal.

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