About Relax Teams

Relax Teams Why 

The Relax Teams platform exists to help professionals more efficiently deliver their unique value proposition to potential clients so that they can spend more time serving the clients that they have. 

Relax Teams Who 

Relax Teams is designed for professionals who benefit from being referred to new potential clients or from having their marketing materials and unique content shared with the public. 

Relax Teams What 

Relax Teams is an online platform that dramatically increases a professional’s return on investment from participating in new or existing business networking/leads groups. 

The key areas that are exponentially more efficient:

  • Recruiting New Members (Tryouts)
  • Referring Existing Teammates
  • Tracking Referrals Among Teammates
  • Private Group Meeting Management (Huddles)
  • Generating Shareable Content from Private Meetings (Blog Posts)
  • Hosting and Promoting Public Education Sessions (Games)
  • Generating Shareable Content from Public Education Sessions (Blog Post)
  • Cross Promoting Content Created During Private and Public Events 
  • Cross Promoting Teammates Existing Marketing Materials

Relax Teams Where

The Relax Teams platform is inherently built for virtual meetings and events but can be effective in supporting offline events whenever offline events and meetings become effective again. Visit us on Eventbrite and Meetup

Relax Teams When

Relax Teams is available today and provides professionals with a 24hr a day, 365 days a year marketing engine delivering professionals unique value propositions to potential clients. 

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