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Tracy Spiaggia - Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

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Look After Your Mental Health and Wellbeing with Tracy Spiaggia

Industry Experience Licenses:
Health  Years


About: As a national board-certified functionally trained health, nutrition, lifestyle, and brain health coach, I work with individuals and families struggling with myriad health and wellbeing issues. Together, we explore potential triggers and solutions with the singular overarching goal of healing for the sake of restoring connectedness and love within the family unit.

Specialties: Functional Health and Wellness Coaching

Ideal Clients: People suffering from any type of mental health challenge (child, adolescents, teenagers, family)

Geography: New Jersey

Blog Posts:

How Does Diet and Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Health - There is this saying ‘genes load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger’. This means, we may come from a genetic background where there are mental health issues in the family line, cardiac disease, or obesity but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are destined to repeat. 

Learn About Functional Health Coaching - Functional health coaching is an experience in which physical symptoms are alleviated by root cause resolution and consists of a thorough exploration of thought life, diet, sleep, exercise and movement, relationships, childhood experience, and stress management to name a few.

Today’s Most Common Mental Health Problems - Treating mental illness with talk therapy and pharmaceuticals alone is incomplete and it ignores the body's needs and it ignores the human experience in its totality. In order to honor a person who's struggling, we need to take a step back and appreciate that every single symptom that the body gives us is an alarm bell. 

The Impact of the Pandemic on Children - Tracy shares her knowledge and passion to bring an understanding of nutrition and lifestyle from conception all the way to adult life including our food choices. She will make you understand how our brain tries to develop itself on a diet and how essential the food we eat is. 

How To Have a Healthy Divorce and Who Can Help - Functional Medicine coaches help to equip parents and help them understand that they alone have the potential to stop generational cursing and can hold back the tide of past generations that were broken. Parents can live a different way and can create a home that is different from their home when they were a child.

Customer Reviews

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Jake Meola
Bringing it All Together

You may want to work on yourself, but does your family support you? Do they know what is going on or how they can provide added support on your journey? With Tracy, they do. Tracy helps to bring the entire support network together to come to a solution as one. To build a network around you that fosters change and growth instead of making it harder for you to accomplish your goals. If you want a strategy that works and builds community, talk to Tracy!

Drew Deraney
Take care of your entire body and mind

Tracy gets it! She is knowledgeable and cares for the entire body and mind. Her attention to detail re: physical, emotional and mental health is invaluable. She is remarkable.

Denel Bingel
Give Functional Health Coaching a Try!

Tracey is excellent at looking at root causes of mental health issues in children and families. Combining nutrition and lifestyle, she can help families regain balance and health. She is empathetic and professional, and can help your family!

Such a Pro!

Tracy is a wonderful listener, therapist and health care practitioner. Unfortunately, some injuries of the mind in children and young adults date back to traumatic events and memories from years past. Because of her deep training, Tracy has the empathy and insight to to evaluate her patient's issues in order to create a strategy to heal the mind... and the therefore heal the body.

Lisa Dvorin
Achieving a Healthy Balance

Tracy is Nationally Board Certified helping individuals and families regain a healthy balance in their everyday lives .... mind, body, and soul. She is a true professional and passionate about her work!