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Relax Social Media

Relax Social Media - DIY Platform Software Subscription

$49/M Superior DIY Platform

Unlimited Number of Accounts and Unlimited Content Storage

Keep all your social media accounts connected and manage them easily. Our tool is designed to assist you in managing your marketing campaigns. It allows users to connect to an unlimited number of social media accounts and store an unlimited amount of content.

Simplify Content Creation with Canva & Google Drive Integration

A one-of-a-kind tool that streamlines your content creation process. Rather than moving and uploading each file individually; create and edit everything in a single place. Now there's one less step between you and the perfect social media post.

Built-In Content Curation Via RSS Feeds, Google News, & Pexels

Content will always be available to you. With a few taps, easily filter in content from frequently visited sources and discover new ones based on trending topics. You can also choose from millions of copyright-free, attribution-free, and pre-licensed content without additional cost.

Category-Based Scheduling With Macro Calendar View

Power an automated posting engine with your specific category tags. Create a schedule containing up to 200 pieces of content, to be automatically published at the times you choose. And with the full calendar view, get an advanced look at your month's posting schedule.
Simplified Content Approval & Social Inbox Management

Interactive documents enable you to approve content without the need for sign-ins or login credentials. Discuss changes and final edits in one place with each piece of content visible to you. Also, the tool allows you to manage all comments, mentions, and messages from one location.

Post & Hashtag Level Analytics & Insights

View all your social accounts' analytics without switching platforms. Analyze the engagement metrics across all platforms in one place. Trace likes, comments, shares, and clicks back to the posts that created that data. And track your growth in followers as you implement new posts & strategies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Thank you so much for making it easier for small businesses!

Let's face it, managing a lot of social media accounts is no easy feat. You have to juggle as many as you can, putting up with the stress of deadlines and lack of content. That's where I used to be, until I found RELAX Social Media's superior DIY platform. With just one click, I was able to handle all my accounts stress-free and even get to have content available in an instant.

This tool is simply amazing!

I used to spend the whole day posting content on my social media accounts. But now, thanks to the DIY platform's Built-In Content Curation, I'm able to get amazing content and manage all of them at one time. I even get to have more time with my family because of this tool. Thank you RELAX Social Media!

Enoch O'Keefe
This is honestly a great tool for bloggers

I'm highly active on social media. And with over 7 accounts and hundreds of thousands of followers, it's hard to stay on top of everything—if I even have time! But the first thing I did was purchase your DIY platform. Now, I get to schedule content across all my social media accounts in one place. It's so easy to use and saves me hours each week!

Darron Flatley
I highly recommend this for all business owners

This platform really helped me a lot. Their calendar made things easier for me since now I get to organize my content for the whole month. I can already place them in their respective dates that will automatically publish at my chosen time. Not only that, with the app, it’s easy for me to have access to my posts and followers’ feedback about my last post. It’s also been very helpful for me since it notifies me if there are any comments on my blog’s page at any given time. Thank you for this RELAX social media!

Very convenient!

I am so glad I found this software. It's so convenient! I used to set my post schedule every day and I ended up being so busy trying to remember what I posted the previous day. Now, with this handy platform, it's easier for me to see everything at a glance. All of my scheduled contents are right here in one place, along with my customer's comments or feedbacks, and even my analytics! Once I see something isn't working, I can take action immediately. This is awesome! Thank you.