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Robert Bura - Your Property Insurance Advocate

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Settle Insurance Claims with Robert Bura

Industry Experience Licenses:
Property Insurance Advocate 3.5 Years Public Adjuster


About: I am a Public Advocate, I am a free service provided by the state. Every property has issues and 70% of those issues have the potential to be insurable losses. 90% of insurance policies are incorrect and contain fiscal gaps ranging between hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I will teach you how to correct that. Again I am a free service and not allowed to accept anything from you.

Specialties: Getting anyone who owns property money the insurance companies owe them, but will never tell them.

Ideal Clients: Anyone who owns or knows someone who owns a property.

Geography: Anywhere in the US

Blog Posts:

How to Get The Most Out of Your Home Insurance Claim -The majority of people have damage in their homes that's insurable but either they're afraid to put a claim in or they don't know. 75 percent of the time, Robert finds damage in the client’s properties that has the potential to be insurable.

Settle Insurance Claims with Robert Bura - Public Adjusters are the best-kept secret as to how Robert describes it. They are licensed by the Banking Insurance Commission of the states that they work in. They advocate for policyholders like you. They make sure that you get every dollar you are entitled to. Everything they do is free until the point of a settlement. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bob is the Best!

Bob is so good and patient at so many important skills we all need in today's fast-paced tech. world.
He will take you through the ins and outs, ups and downs with patience and kindness .
I highly recommend this seasoned technology professional who always tries to listen and hear what YOU the client is saying or asking for.
simply the best!

Anthony Guzman
Great Resource

Robert helped my mother with a homeowners insurance claim after hurricane Ira, the process was transparent, educational and the level of service was amazing.

Denel Bingel
I had no idea!

I did not know this type of service existed! Robert is a fantastic advocate for Homeowners. He was able to help so many people after hurricane Ida- at no cost to them.

Lisa Dvorin
Advocate for Homeowners

Robert is there when needed. I called Robert after hurricane IDA for some insight on the damage it brought as my sister's home was damaged by flood water. Although very busy, Robert made himself available, and provided some much needed advice!

Advocating for your rights

When fighting the insurance company you want someone like Robert on your side! Robert will make sure that you are fully covered before disaster strikes!