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Randy Morgan - Senior Relationship Banker

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All About Banking with Randy Morgan

Industry Experience Licenses:
Banking, Finance
6 Years


About: M&T Bank is one of the top 20 full-service U.S.-based commercial banks, with 17,000 employees and a long history of community-focused banking. Founded in 1856, M&T provides commercial, retail, business, investment, mortgage, and professional banking services through more than 750 branches and 1,800 ATMs throughout New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Specialties: Home Equities Loan

Ideal Clients: 

Geography: New Jersey

Blog Posts:

How Relationship Banking Can Help You Have the Resources That You NeedWhen you go to your bank, how many times have you ever heard someone say “we got you”, then, you do your thing and you never hear from them again? Just like that, disappeared into thin air. It’s not that they don’t have the resources that you need but most importantly, they lack this one important effort that they could have given to help you become successful: Relationship.

What are the Advantages of Relationship Banking? - If you’re gonna ask Randy what’s the ultimate goal he has in mind when talking about helping clients, without a doubt the answer would be: building relationships.  Randy highly recommends (even if you don't bank with them) that you have a point person at your existing bank, have someone you can work with, or someone you can deal with when times get hard and when times are good. 

What is Relationship Banking? Is it Important? - As a Senior Relationship Banker, his role is similar to that of an assistant manager cutting his time between retail and business. Randy helps a lot of different people from different backgrounds by providing solutions to their financial issues. 

Let's Talk About Business Financing - There are quite a few different options to fund a business. However, you have to take into account how big the purchases are and how old or young the business is. Most people are doing a business line of credit, others need a revolving credit, and some might have to go through SBA. 

Continuous Learning During the Pandemic - Randy shares that in this new digital world where a lot of their clientele seems to be older, they need to assist them and train them too. They used to sit with the clients and show them how to use the Apps and now sending digital demos to show how to set up online banking is of utmost importance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A banker who cares

When someone is looking out for your interest rather than their own, you found a gem
Randy is that Gem.


Randy is the person who not just about getting your business. He cares about your success

Refer with Confidence

I had a client looking to get a difficult line of credit. They were unsuccessful at other places so I recommended that they meet Randy. They established a relationship with randy and thank me continuously for doing so. You should do the same.

Robert Bura
Financial Knowledge

Randy has a lot of experience and knowledge and it shows in his dealing with his clients.

Lisa Dvorin
Knowledgable & A Great Business Partner

Randy prides himself on being a true business partner with his customers. He takes the time to understand their needs and partners with them and offers great advice and different possible solutions!