Rachele DeCrescenzo - Physical Therapist
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Rachele DeCrescenzo - Physical Therapist

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“By combining my extensive knowledge of the human body from my work and training as a physical therapist, with the authentic healing power of the John F. Barnes Method of Myofascial Release, I partner with my patients to offer them a unique, comprehensive, and highly individualized path to living a pain-free active lifestyle!”

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Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Good Physical Therapy! Rachele is friendly, caring and very knowledgeable. Her approach is unique and distinct which makes her clients feel confident with my exercise plan to continue

Not just another physical therapist

Rachele is a super knowledgable physical therapist who focuses on Myofascial Release instead of your usual streamline physical therapy. She spends a lot of time with her clients and works with you in a more gentle approach to become pain free. I would highly recommend working with Rachele.

Amazing therapist!!!

I am not only a colleague of Rachelle's, but also a patient. Working with her is unlike any other healthcare experience most of us have ever had. She not only has the hands-on skills to heal your body, but also incredible intuition to help you heal on the deepest level. Treatment with Rachelle is SO much more than a physical therapy session. Her care is holistic in every sense of the word.