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Rachele DeCrescenzo - Physical Therapist

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Live a Pain-Free Active Lifestyle with Rachele DeCrescenzo

Industry Experience Licenses:
Physical Therapy
17 Years Licensed PT 


About: The Healing Journey: Myofascial Release & Physical Therapy is committed to helping clients to achieve a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.

Specialties: Skilled in Myofascial Release, Outpatient Orthopedic PT, Geriatric PT, and Manual Therapy

Ideal Clients: Individuals who have been experiencing chronic issues or those who just want to maintain being flexible and make sure their body can do the things they want it to do.

Geography: New Jersey

Blog Posts:

How To Get To Know Your Body Through The Fascial System - Waiting until your body has broken down may not be too late, but just like a broken car, it’s harder, it takes more time, and it takes more money to get back to where you want to go.

Clear Your Headspace with Mindfulness MeditationRachele explained that Mindfulness is a practice that helps you with many things such as 1) calming down both your mind and body, 2) letting go of negative thoughts, 3) being fully present and aware of what’s happening at the very moment, and 4) being able to acknowledge your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without any judgment.

Fascial Stretch Therapy To Start Your Authentic Healing - She gives us a really simple stretch that is going to open up the chest, neck, and shoulders. She suggests putting a timer on for five minutes because the key to a myofascial stretch is time. Nobody holds stretches for long enough and to actually stretch things, fascia or even the muscles, you have to hold the stretch for longer.

Relieving Hip Pain and TightnessRachele shares a story about her current client who is in her mid-30s and a mother of two young children. After working together while also doing a home program in self-care, her hip pain went away and her hip mobility improved a lot. Now, she feels better in general and enjoys spending time with her kids, pain-free.

What is Myofascial Release? Does it work? - Myofascial Release (MFR) is a safe, holistic, and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure (for a minimum of 3-5 minutes) into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Can Emotional Trauma Cause Physical Pain?  In this article, it is explained in detail how emotional trauma can cause physical pain. More importantly, we will discuss what can help unlock the protective patterns that developed during times of trauma to help the body finish those traumatic experiences.

Things you can do NOW to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle - You can turn any stretch into a Myofascial stretch just by holding it a little bit longer, ideally for at least three to five minutes. Feel out your body what feels tight, be a little bit more mindful with them. 

The Secrets To A Happy and Graceful Aging As Rachele mentioned, persons 65 years and older should get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. It could be a brisk walk, climbing, and descending stairs, or playing tennis.

Pregnancy during a Pandemic She shares her experience of giving birth during this pandemic period from hospital experience, visitor restrictions, and limited daily activities. She also talks about the lack of social interactions that children are experiencing and the concerns that comes with it as a parent. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Wendy Kuchnicki
A holistic approach to pain relief!

Imagine being pain free without taking pain relievers! Rachele can teach you how to reduce or eliminate pain by evaluating you physically and emotionally (stress is a huge cause of pain!). Through Myofascial Release is a technique to identify pain at it's source rather than treating the symptoms. Highly recommend!

Lisa Dvorin

Myofascial Release is very different than regular PT. It was amazing how Rachele could zero in on pain points and identify where the pain was originating by simply applying pressure to several areas,

George Pizzo
Lasting Relief

Rachele's fascial system approach to pain relief was a game changer for me. Chiropractic and PT therapy had little to no effect on my chronic back pain. Since beginning Myofascial Release therapy, I can now go through my day free of pain.

Denel Bingel
She Really Listens

Rachele is an experienced professional PT. Myofascial release is different from other modalities I have tried. But what makes her unique is her caring attitude and ability to really listen to her clients.

Anthony Guzman
Great Holistic advice

Rachele is a great source of information when it comes to all things health and wellness. Rachele has a unique approach to physical therapy, I learned so much in just one conversation with her.