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Mark Sluyter - Mortgage Loan Originator

All Your Mortgage Needs with Mark Sluyter

Buying a House After a Bankruptcy

Watch the video above and find an inspiring story about how a borrower who just comes out of bankruptcy was able to move into a new house. 

Mark Sluyter is a Mortgage Loan Originator and in this blog post, we’ll share with you how he helps people to get a house even in challenging times. Mark had a borrower who wanted to buy a house but had just come out of bankruptcy two months prior. There were five mortgage brokers initially but unfortunately, they weren’t very helpful. Good thing, Mark offered his services. 

Mark shares how important it is to ask the right questions in order to find out what kind of bankruptcy it was. It enabled them to provide a mortgage at a very good rate when they didn’t think they were going to be able to do it at all. As a result, his clients moved into their new home and they couldn’t be any happier.  To be able to get people to the goal line despite being in a challenging situation is definitely a satisfying and rewarding moment for Mark. 

But what does Mark really do as Mortgage Loan Originator?

Mark works for Family First Funding, a company that has been growing for many years now. They have multiple offices in multiple states. As mortgage bankers, they offer a wide variety of products from regular purchase loans, conventional loans, FHA loans, renovation loans, and reverse mortgages as well. One of their main goals is to find the best product to fit the need at the moment.

They are based in New Jersey but they have a lot of different states that they work through covering Pennsylvania, New York, California, Florida, to name a few.

Are you looking to purchase a new home? Read Mark’s advice below.

As a seller’s market, there’s a lot of buyers on a particular property and it’s best to present yourself in the strongest manner possible when you make an offer. It is done simply by getting pre-qualified ahead of time so professionals like Mark can issue a pre-approval letter that shows your strengths and your limits in your ability to buy a house. This way, you’ll know how far you need to go in terms of bidding and still qualify comfortably. It’s not just about what you can qualify for but it’s what you are comfortable qualifying for. 

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Committed to his Craft

Mark brings a level of quality and commitment to his craft that only comes with experience. His firm is extremely reputable and brings a level of values that is above and beyond industry standards. You should give Mark a call.