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Relax Teams

Elizabeth Barry

Your self-development guide. 


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Customer Reviews

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Paul Taubman, CPCU, AMIM, AIC, AIT, ARe, ASLI, INS
You Don't Know Until You Know!

One of the paradoxes of working with a coach is that you don't realize you need one until you are working with one. Elizabeth is just that way!

If you have never worked with a business coach, give her a try! She has helped hundreds of adults master the art of kind communication with effective speaking and listening skills. And not only is she a world-class coach, Elizabeth is also a sought-after author of several books!

Give Elizabeth a call and see how she can help you!

Desirae Haluk
Amazing Author and spiritual life coach

Elizabeth is a great big breath of fresh air. She has an amazing handle on life and knows exactly how to turn your stressed out, chaotic life into a calm balanced ecosystem. She is transformative and addicting. You meet her once and will always want her in your life. Her energy is unbelievable. I would highly recommend her for both life coaching but also for her amazing series of books.