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Relax Social Media

$100 Off Social Media Branding Kit

$199 - Social Branding Kit  

*Platform Plus Clients Only

Clients who purchase platform plus are provided a discount code at check out allowing them to save $100 on Relax Graphics Social Media Branding Kit. Please use your coupon code provided when you subscribed to platform plus. 

Step 1:  Purchase Platform Plus Here

Step 2:  Purchase your Branding Kit here

 The Social media Branding Kit Includes: 

Optimized Profile Picture

Make sure your brand is as recognizable across all social media platforms. Don't worry again about how you appear in the digital world. Let our graphic designers work with you to create a picture that is as beautiful, unique, and professional as your brand.

Customized Social Banners

Update your branding and improve customer retention with a set of customized social banners designed by professionals. This is one of the most important steps in developing your brand presence on social media, so make sure you add this to your cart.

Branded Post Templates

Our Branding Kit gives you a jump-start when you’re building your ad or organic content. It can help you transform and refine the look of your existing social media posts. We provide beautifully designed templates that can be used to create posts from scratch. (Original set of images included)

Customized QR Code

Customize your profile with a branded QR Code, which you can display in your store and on your marketing materials. Your customers will be able to scan it, navigate to your business's profile, and get in touch with you.

Customized Virtual Background

Virtual backgrounds are a unique way to show your brand in online meetings. It will bring a smile to the faces of new clients, colleagues, and business partners. We create the artwork, so you can upload the file and make an impact wherever you are.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Glad I found this team! Thank you!

When I purchased the Platform Plus, my business' ROI has been really increasing and it really proves that I can trust this team. I remembered receiving a discount code for the Social Media Branding Kit so I also purchased it and gave it a try. Now, my business also stood out in social media because of the beautiful brand design that the team made me. I am really glad and thankful that I found this team! Hoping others would try this too. I highly recommend!

David Hoffman
This is such an amazing deal!

I can't believe that RELAX Social Media gave me a discount for their branding package. It saved my business a lot of money! I also want to thank the team for their fast service and for giving me the most beautiful, professional, and effective logos and images for my social media. And it's just been days since I first used their design but I immediately noticed that it caught my customers' attention right away! Thanks to this team my business has been growing up like crazy!

Raphael Kihn
Highly Recommend

RELAX social media branding kit is amazing! It gave me the opportunity to be more distinguishable among my peers, especially when you look at a person's brand as a whole. I am really impressed on how they made the designs for me, especially for the price! Just for $199 they made my brand look more beautiful and professional I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to make their brand stand out from others. Kudos to the team!

Eddie Campbell
Thank you RELAX Social Media for the discount and the beautiful brand design!

I am very pleased with this company. Their customer service is great and their prices are fantastic. They gave me a $100 discount on their branding kit, so I decided to go for it and try out their product. They gave me these post templates that really made me stand out from the crowd and I was able to create the most beautiful captivating posts that my customers actually want to read. I assure you, their branding kit is worth every penny because it will help you really stand out!

Shanel Maggio
Amazing and worth it!

RELAX Social Media has been a dream come true for my new business. I used their platform plus and their branding kit for social media and found it to be extremely professional, effective and easy to use! Compared to the cost of hiring a professional designer, this brand design is such an amazing deal from a great company! I am so happy I purchased this and can't wait to see what they come up with next!