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Desiree Afan - Social Media Strategist

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Increase Your ROI from Social 

Industry Experience Licenses:
Digital Marketing
2 Years N/A


About: We make it simple to increase your ROI from Social Media. We help companies like yours, gain more visibility on social platforms, grow your audience, and convert leads. You simply connect your existing social media accounts into our proprietary software and then you decide how much work you want to do and how much work you want us to do.

Specialties: Social Media Management, SEO, Content Writing

Ideal Clients: Solo-Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small Businesses 

Geography: United States of America

Blog Posts:

How To Increase Your ROI From Social Media - Are you looking for ways how to handle your business and effortlessly increase your ROI on social media? We got you covered because, in this feature, Desiree Afan from Relax Social Media will help you understand how important social media is and also give you an overview of their superior software that makes social media management a lot easier.

The Ultimate Social Media Tool For Small Businesses - Social Media Marketing is very tricky. You’re constantly looking for ways to attract potential customers which can take so much of your time, money, and effort. It can also be really stressful if you don’t have the patience to do so. But there is one way to solve this problem and Relax Social Media will give you the solution that you need!

Customer Reviews

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Results made simple

Desiree does an amazing job of helping clients to dramatically grow the ROI from social with little to no effort on the client's side. Obviously, you need a strong Social media presence but aren't there better places you can be spending your time. Let Desiree's team do it for you so that you can maximize your ROI.