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Relax Tax

Dennis Harabin, CPA - Tax Planning Specialist

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Discover Tax Planning Strategies

Industry Experience Licenses:
Finance 30 Years CPA, Insurance


About: Relax Tax's mission is to ensure that US families retain more of what they earn. They customize a practical yet effective tax plan unique to each client's values, goals, and passions.

Specialties: Tax-Insurance-Debt

Ideal Clients: Individuals, Homeowners, Non-homeowners, Realtors

Geography: New Jersey

Blog Posts:

Business Made Simple with Google Workspace - What are the different Google Workspace tools? How much are Google Business packages? What are the advantages of using Google Workspace compared to other platforms? What’s the importance of technology in process automation? 

Easiest Way To Improve Your Finances - Relax Tax will help you retain more of what you earn. It's why they focus on leverage, tax, insurance, and debt because that's the magic lever. Relax Tax focuses on optimizing your dollars and it just works magically. They start with what you earn and work from there, and that's the math.

Retain MORE of What You Earn So You Can Pursue Your PassionFor a lot of people, retaining more means: focusing more on the actual net, fewer expenses, fewer taxes, or getting to keep what you make. When we talk about retaining more, it's retaining more after basic expenses so that YOU can spend it however you want.

Relax Teams: How to Outrank Others and Get Your Business Found - With Relax Teams, what we're doing is not new, we're leveraging things that have been proven, teams work, business groups work, and networking works. We're trying to innovate and change things that shouldn't happen in smoky rooms and back offices. What we're doing is making sure that the power works. We're a bunch of professionals coming together to tell our story and support each other and help each other.

College Journey: Everything you need to know The College Playbook is an interactive playbook that helps individuals who are planning or seeking to apply to different colleges and universities. 

Project Scholarship: From Classroom to Career with Less Debt - Project Scholarship was founded with the purpose of helping students to basically go from classroom to career with less debt. Project Scholarship gives any student the chance to earn micro-scholarships by doing quick real-world projects for potential employers.

How is COVID-19 Impacting College Education? - Dennis shares that people tend to get crazy during the process of getting into college and university. He is concerned that forgetting to do the math in all the excitement will definitely have a financial impact not just on the student but on the family as well.

3 Things To Know Before Getting Married - Is this your first time getting married? If you're getting married for a second time then there are more financial impacts. Are you currently receiving alimony, will that stop once you remarry? Will the child support continue? 


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Heather Crockett
Knowledgeable and Helpful!

Dennis and his team are passionate and knowledgeable about helping small business owners keep more of what they make!

Tim Stollery
ultimate pro!

Dennis is the ultimate pro when it comes to taxes, finances, insurance... all things Dinero!

Tracy Carfora
Fantastic Experience

This was our 1st year working with Dennis. He is very thorough, and always looking to what is best for his client. I am so happy we found him, and look forward to working with him from this point forward.

Simply the best

Very knowledgeable

Drew Deraney

Dennis' approach is unique. Not only does he file my tax returns, he keeps in touch with me throughout the year and we discuss all aspects of my financial portfolio in an effort to make sure I retain as much of my hard-earned money as possible. I highly recommend Dennis!