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Denel Bingel - Personal Trainer/ Group Exercise Instructor

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Make Fitness Fun and Enjoyable with Denel Bingel

Industry Experience Licenses:
Health and Wellness
30 Years

 Master's Degree


Exercise Science

About: "Fitness and Wellness can be FUN! Working out doesn't have to feel like work!"


1. Virtual Accountability Groups encompassing exercise, nutrition, stress management

2. Fun, effective, pain-free virtual Group Exercise Classes

3. Personal Training

Ideal Clients: Perfectly imperfect people who could benefit from a fun and supportive online community. People who may feel intimidated by the gym due to COVID, feeling overweight or uncoordinated, recovering from injuries, etc. Behavior change is hard and nonjudgmental guidance is key!

Geography: Primarily virtual, in-person service in Bridgewater/ Somerville/ Branchburg NJ

Blog Posts:

Goal Setting for 2023 -  Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to reaching your goals this 2023? Goal setting is an important part of realizing success and overcoming obstacles. Having a plan for reaching your dreams helps keep you motivated and organized, allowing for progress each step along the way. Whether you're looking to advance in your career, improve relationships with family or friends, or just find more free time to dedicate towards hobbies; goal setting will help get you there! In this post Denel discusses simple strategies that can be tailored based on individual needs. 

Aim for Progress to Reach Goals, not Perfection - Losing weight is one of the most common goals. You can just have that thought floating around in your head for years but taking the time to write it down is really key. In addition to that, you're going to need to make it specific, measurable, and time-bound. Write that down, hang it on the bulletin board, or by your desk wherever it needs to be. Identify the behaviors that are going to get you there.

Be the Best Version of Yourself in 52 Days - If you are overwhelmed with all the diets and options then read on to learn about how you can have the best version of yourself. The program was designed with Denel who is an exercise physiologist. She has a master's degree in this field and has been working with clients for almost 30 years.

Basics of Exercise Science: Making Fitness Fun and Accessible For All - A lot of people from CrossFit or maybe from a group program at a local gym keep getting injured and maybe they're a little frustrated. They've been going for six months or nine months or a year and they don't notice changes. Let's take a look at some exercise science basics that might help them.

Customer Reviews

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Candido Rodriguez
The ultimate fitness expert

Denel is the ultimate fitness expert who has a deep understanding of how exercises are effective using the science behind fitness to shape her classes and she makes them super fun, motivating, and energetic. Danel is a fantastic resource for those who keep trying but need an accountability partner to get back in shape and healthy living.

5-Star Pesonal Trainer

Denel is a great trainer and physical fitness professional. Most highly recommended!!

Wendy Kuchnicki
Such positive energy!

Although many of us procrastinate when it comes to fitness, Denel will get you motivated and energized as soon as you start her class! Always happy and upbeat when teaching, Denel will make it easy for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Jessica Dale
Great energy and dedicated!

When it comes to wellness and health, Denel is the person that will sit with you and transfer her knowledge and experience so you can reach your goals! Her energy is contaigious!

Making Exercise Fun!

Denel is one of those people you meet in your life and you can't picture them without a huge smile on their face!
She brings her wit, wisdom and energy to all of her fitness classes...but she also has all of the background, she knows all the technical, biological, physiological "stuff" that is so important in keeping our bodies and minds moving forward with proper nutrition and overall good health.
If you are a member of a group or work at a company that needs a diligent fitness professional to get your employees, coworkers or members of your group working out again - and smiling while they're doing it - , you need to talk to Denel!