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2022 Children and the Elderly Event

Event Held - 02/10/2022 

February 2022 Lunch and Learn Event was focused on Children and the Elderly. While they are the light of our lives and bring us nothing but joy, caring for them can be difficult. How can we take care of children and the elderly as simply as possible?

Raising children is an amazing but also demanding experience. Most of us want to give our children a good start, and we spend a lot of time thinking about how to do that. What aspects of children's upbringing are most vital to their healthy development? What practices and beliefs are most harmful?

And for the elderly, we all know that the process of aging is difficult for them. The primary causes of elder stress are related to physical and mental abilities. How can we help them take care of their health? How do we provide support and help them stay engaged in society?



Importance of Good Fascial System for Children and the Elderly by Rachele DeCrescenzo

A presentation about Importance of Good Fascial System for Children and the Elderly with Rachele DeCrescenzo


Holistic Health and Wellness through Functional Nutrition Coaching By Tracy Spiaggia

A presentation about Holistic Health and Wellness through Functional Nutrition Coaching by Tracy Spiaggia


A stress-free and organized life transition is made possible by Caring Transitions


Every Mother should be given Hope and Solutions to heal from Traumatic Experiences

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Last Year's Event

We invited professionals and experts to share their insights about the impact of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown on education. Know more about how school closures and homeschooling affect the learning opportunities of our students. What resources do we need to handle virtual education effectively especially for kids? What significant changes are being implemented by universities and colleges? As parents, how can we help our children adjust to the “new normal” in education? Ask our experts.

February 2021

Live Event - 02/11/2021 at 12:00 Noon EST via Zoom.
Local Charity Spotlight: The Center for Great Expectations
1st Panel: Pregnancy during a Pandemic
2nd Panel: The Impact of the Pandemic on Children

Guest Speaker: Cathy Rosa Art Therapy for Children