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Candido Rodriguez - Financial Advisor

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Achieve Your Long-Term Goals with Candido Rodriguez

Industry Experience Licenses:


About: I am passionate about helping our clients achieve their dreams and aspirations within a personal and professional relationship based on uncompromising integrity, trust, and personalized service.


Ideal Clients: Consumers who are in the process of getting married, having children, buying homes

Geography: New Jersey

Blog Posts:

How To Plan For Your Future - Candido looks more at a centered approach with a plan that's integrated, holistic, and distinctive, and gives you the confidence that all the decisions that you're making are financially sound and they are aligned with those dreams and goals that you have.

7 Key Benefits of Financial Planning - What are the advantages of having a financial plan? It gives you more confidence, not only for the unforeseeable future but also gives you the peace of mind that if anything happens, you know what to do next.  

Why Is It Important To Have a Financial Plan? - Financial Advisors bring everything under a centered approach where you can see (from 12,000 feet) your finances as a whole. Not only thinking about what you should be doing today but how you can set up a “treasure box” and look into the future knowing that what you need is already there. 

How To Build Your Legacy - Usually, when we think about the word legacy, we see it as something that we don't have control of and we can’t plan for. However, you can define your legacy through Estate Planning. By introspection, you have to decide and make sure that you know what it takes on you and who you really want to benefit from it. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazing experience

Highly Recommended Financial Planner: Candido Rodriguez

I highly recommend Candido Rodriguez as a financial planner. His professionalism, expertise, and personalized approach make him stand out. Candido thoroughly assessed my financial goals and provided clear guidance, explaining investment options in a way that was easy to understand. He was highly responsive, proactive, and committed to ongoing support. If you're looking for a knowledgeable and dedicated financial planner, Candido is an excellent choice.

Patient and Diligent

Candido is patient, takes the time to listen to your financial needs for the future and for now.
You can trust him to do what's right for your family, your business and your situation situation.
I highly recommend this seasoned finance professional who'll hear what the client is asking for.

Robert Bura

Candido is a very experienced professional who loves to teach and educate is clients.

Dennis T Harabin
A True Asset

As a CPA I get introduced to a large number of financial advisors and their clients. Candido's clients absolutely love him. The comprehensiveness of his service is quite impressive.

Paul Taubman
You can trust Candido!

You can't help but admire the way Candido knows how to manage his finances, with an eye on both present and future. As a Financial advisor affiliated with Northwestern Mutual, he gives all clients sound financial advice that they're sure not to forget!

I've known Candido for over a year now and I find him to be extremely personable and a go-getter. He is in charge of handling your finances. Candido has a wealth of knowledge about what goes into managing money - profits here today or investments there tomorrow you know? Call Candido if you want someone who'll set things straight when dealing with these matters