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Anthony Guzman - Commercial Insurance

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Anthony makes it easy to get the right Commercial Coverage.

Industry Experience Licenses:
Commercial Insurance N/A



About: USI is a leading local and national insurance brokerage and consulting firm delivering customized property and casualty, employee benefits, personal risk, and retirement solutions throughout the United States.

Specialties: Commercial Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence

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Geography: New Jersey

Blog Posts:

Your Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Business Against Cyber Attack - The reality is, smaller and medium businesses are prime targets because they're easy to hack. Hackers can go in, hack on your system, put a ransom on you very quickly and so that's why you need cyber insurance even though you're a small business. 

If you ever experience a cyber event, whether it's pre-beach events or post-breach events, USI will help your business back up and running. And with the breach costs and the fines and all the regulatory actions that can be taken to you, USI will take a look at your full exposures.


What Can Business Insurance Do To Help A Business?In this feature, Anthony Guzman who is an EMEA risk consultant in USI Insurance Services gave a brief overview of his beautiful family and also provided effective approaches to help small businesses manage possible risk.

Customer Reviews

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George Pizzo

I worked with Anthony on my business General Liability policy. He was able to provide a wider scope of necessary coverage at a lower cost compared to what I had. Great service and a comprehensive full range of products. 5-Star!

Paul Taubman, CPCU, AMIM, AIC, AIT, ARe, ASLI, INS
Let Anthony Protect you

One of the things many small businesses overlook is the need to get insurance for the BUSINESS. Even if you work at home, there is a good chance that your personal homeowners/renter policy will not cover you for your business. Spend some time with Anthony and see how knowledgeable and thorough he can be when it comes to commercial insurance. Better safe than sorry.... and Anthony has your back.