Adam Wolcott  Protecting your Assets

Adam Wolcott Protecting your Assets

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Lower Your Insurance Costs with Adam Wolcott of Liberty Mutual

Adam Wolcott shares how he helps people protect their assets and explains why we need professionals if we want to retain more of what we earn.

Adam Walcott works with Liberty Mutual focusing mainly on auto, home, and life insurance. They make sure that their clients only pay for what they need. How do they do that? They meet with their clients, ask a few questions to understand what coverages they have (if they already have a provider), and then break it down one by one. Adam explains everything their clients need to know and most especially what they are paying for. 

Somerville, NJ woman cuts her monthly insurance costs in half

Watch the video and hear how Adam helped a single mother with two children cut their insurance cost from $350 to $175 a month. His client has two vehicles, life insurance, and renter’s insurance and he was able to cut the insurance cost by 50% with the same insurance coverage!

What is the best insurance company for you?

Adam makes sure that they are partnering with companies that have fantastic customer service experiences and unmatched claims services. And while Adam has different carriers through Liberty Mutual, he understands that there are so many different scenarios for every different household. If Liberty Mutual isn’t the best fit, he has another carrier to offer. 

Adam has a list of five to ten questions that he always asks his clients. From there, with his years of experience, he is able to gauge where you would be the best fit. Adam can help you understand that every company is different just like how every individual has a different need. By asking the right questions, he will make sure that you are paying the right premium and have the most amount of coverage for what you need to protect.

What’s the difference between buying insurance online and through an insurance professional like Adam?

Adam explains the benefits you get from having an insurance agent you can talk to as opposed to having the need to dial an 800 number. When you buy online, you don't have access to an agent every single time but when you have an actual agent, you have someone who knows who you are and what you need. A professional like Adam can gauge what exactly is going on and can explain to you what to expect, what’s going to happen, and what’s the best use of your money would be. 

Adam Wolcott can help you lower your insurance costs and if you want to significantly retain more of what you earn, Adam recommends Dennis Harabin of RelaxTax to handle your finances.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tracy Spiaggia
Adam will help you save money

We all need expert help finding ways to save money these days. Adam is a wonderful resource for saving on insurance costs.

Jeannie Assante
Save save save

Saving your assets is something Adam is always striving for. He is always ready to go to bat for you.

Rachele DeCrescenzo
Very knowledgeable!!

I highly recommend Adam for all your insurance needs! He takes time to get to know you and/or your family, what your needs are, and make sure you have the coverage you need without overpaying!

Desirae Haluk
Treats you like family

I would highly recommend Adam to help you with your insurance needs. He is super personable, easy to talk to and has great listening skills. He is knowledgable about auto, home and life insurance and will find you the best deals. If you need insurance you should call Adam.

Fights for the best Price

Adam does an amazing job of fighting for the best price for his clients. He doesn't just have one company. he goes to many companies till he finds the best deal.