Relax Teams Rules

Relax Teams goal is to provide as open a platform as possible for like minded professionals to thrive in the new normal of 2020 and beyond. Yet to assure professionals are not wasting valuable time, we have created some platform wide rules that will be enforced by Relax Teams as needed.

1) Every team captain posts the original team rules as part of the team creation process. The team rules are a link off the on the team page. Every player who initiates the try out for a position on the team agrees to the rules by claiming a position on the team.

2) After the team is established the Team rules can only be changed via a majority vote of players with active positions. The revised rules are not official until they are posted on the Team page. Rules are enforced via a majority vote of the teammates.

3) Relax Teams relies on the challenge flag process to initiate all votes on any subject matter across the site. There is a voting fee associated with a challenge flag to avoid frivolous actions and to cover the cost of managing the voting process. The challenge flag fee is paid by the teammate requesting the vote. If a majority of the Teammates vote in favor of the votes question, then the majority of the voting fee is returned to the teammate who requested it. If vote fails to pass then the money is applied to teams game day promotion budget.

4) Every team must have regularly scheduled Team Huddles via a Relax Team authorized Zoom account at least two times a month. Teams may huddle more frequently and can have as many live in person huddles as stated in the local rules.

4) A teammate is permitted to miss up to two times the number of monthly meetings every six months in order to retain their position on the team.  Any member can initiate an absent member challenge flag. If the voted to remove player from the team is passed, the player voted off will be charged with the challenge flag fee with the balance of the fee staying in the teams game day promotion budget.   

5) Any teammate may request an emergency vote on the status of another teammate with out cause. The standard challenge rules apply. 

6) Every Team must have at least one educational Public Zoom session per quarter. (Game Day)The purpose of these sessions are to highlight the knowledge, skills and products or services of the Team Members.