Local Digital Marketing CO-OP

RelaxNet's digital lead groups are unlike any other lead group that you may have participated in. We have taken the best parts of time tested leads groups and enhanced them to leverage the digital age.

1) Time Tested Networking: Each Private Group is has only one member per "specialty" and everyone is limited to the number of groups that they can participate in. Groups meet in person and are thus naturally limited by geography.  Although long-term membership breeds trust and comfort, there becomes a natural diminishing return on the network effect based on a limited number known leads. 
RelaxNet Advantage: Since all meetings are held virtually via zoom; our private groups are digital alliances and are not limited by geography.  Every paying member of RelaxNet is referred to as a partner. As a partner you are free to "switch" groups as needed, as long as you are in good standing (based on Ratings) and there is an opening for your specialty. in addition any private group has the right to vote any partner out if a majority of group members Thus RelaxNet provides more flexibility and tools to address the real-world issues associated with group dynamics without harming the group or the individual partner. 

2) Time Tested Networking: Each group member is given a chance during the private meetings to be "featured".  The reason for giving the featured presentation is so that other group members can learn what each member specializes in to share the appropriate leads with them. 

RelaxNet Advantage: The featured presentation is recorded and posted to the RelaxNet premium Youtube account.  The presentations are shared on RelaxNet's Social Media accounts. Your Private COOP members are required to also share your presentation on their social Media accounts. This will dramatically amplify the organic reach of your presentation. 

3) Time Tested Networking: Networking Groups need to reach a level of "critical mass" to be effective. The older model meant you would only be exposed to other members top of mind leads. Thus your message can only be amplified  based on the size of the networks of the existing group members. It is risky to leave and established in that you may never get the change to get back in especially if your specialty is highly competitive. In addition attempting to create a new start up group to assure the culture meets your needs is an expensive risky proposition. 

RelaxNet Advantage: Every Relaxnet group has a founder that helps to define the culture of that specfic group. See private group guideline to learn more. RelaxNet private groups come in two classes "established" 10+ active Members and "Startup" <10 active members.  A key advantage is that for the single membership fee all partners are allowed to attempt to be a "Founder" of there own startup group without any financial risk or needing to leave their established group.  Once a startup group reaches 10+ active members the "founders" membership status in the established group is voted on by the existing members. The group decides if the founder must resign as a member of the second group.  

4) Time Tested Networking: Each group member pays an application fee which covers cost of applying to join the group and the administration costs of the group. 

RelaxNet Advantage: The application fee is used to create your personalized product page on the RelaxNet website. This page is on an eCommerce Platform allowing visitors to immediately download one FREE Digital product. We suggest the Digital Product be a Freemium type product that leads to a bigger upsale. RelaxNet provides training assistance in determining and or creating the appropriate Freemium product. 

5) Time Tested Networking: Group members pay a fee to be part of the private networking group. Among other things these fees are used to pay for the meeting locations and meals consumed during the meetings.Transportation time and expenses are also required to participate but will vary by member.

RelaxNet Advantage: As a digital first platform RelaxNet's fixed costs are not for space or food but for technology. Every private group has a base fees which pays for the digital technology used help to maximize the organic network effective of promoting your personal RelaxNet digital product page. Each group will then assign an additional paid CO-OP digital marketing fees which are allocated to the group and it's individual members.  This is the reason why different groups have different fees. As a partner you can select the group that best fits your culture need and budget.