Relax Teams - Help Section

Relax Teams are here to help

Relax Teams was created for that very reason.  We use sports-based analogies to make it simple for people to understand our offerings. Hopefully the glossary below will make these concepts clear. If not then email your questions to  

  1. Monthly Games– Our Monthly virtual event run by Relax Teams that are open to the public. Each panel based session features 3 experts speaking on a specific topic. They also give members a chance to network with each other!
  2. Players - Are members or teammates who represent their specific profession on the team. Each player gets a profile (Trading Card) on the Relax Teams site that the public is encouraged to download from the site for FREE. 
  3. Trading Cards- Every Player gets a downloadable pdf that is simple to access from their own unique page on Relax Teams. We refer to it as a Trading Card. Teammates work hard to share teammates unique pages and Trading Cards. .
  4. Fans –Anyone who views and/or interacts with the players’ trading card or attends the Monthly Games. 
  5. Teams -Private groups of players that work together to generate business from the same type of fans. There can be only one professional per profession (position) on the Team.  
  6. Position- Position is a roster spot on the team for that profession. There is only one position for each profession or service on a Team. 
  7. Roster-the current list of players and Positions on a Team. 
  8. Captain- Player who manages the weekly huddle to assure the team remains focused on meeting the team set quarterly and annual goals. 
  9. Team Huddles- Regularly scheduled private zoom meetings. Teams usually meet every week and encourage Players to send a replace when they are unable to attend. The regularly scheduled meetings are the main way that the team develops trust. The greater the trust the more supportive the team becomes. 
  10. Interviews- One player is featured during every Huddle. The interviews are recorded during team huddles. The remaining teammates help to assure the video of the interview is shared throughout that week.
  11. Shot Clock: Each player is given the chance to take their shot during each weekly huddle. The Players Trading Card is featured on the screen with  the Player or a representative has 45 seconds to give that player's elevator pitch.The Player can use these 45 minutes to take whatever shot they choose.
    Relax America Inc. - the company that coordinates the creation of Relax Teams.