Candido Rodriguez - Financial Advisor

Candido Rodriguez - Financial Advisor

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Achieve Your Long-Term Goals with Candido Rodriguez

 Why is having a plan important?

In this video, Candido shares a difficult yet hopeful story of how he helped his client and her family during unforeseen circumstances. Two years ago, he arranged disability and life insurance for one of his clients, a wife and a mother of two. This particular client had a continuous migraine and turned out to be having a tumor. Mercifully, the insurance she has was enough to cover the needed expenses. Play the video and learn more about how Candido was able to help his client and her whole family.

What does a Financial Advisor do?

Candido is affiliated with Northwestern Mutual, a mutual company that has been around for over 167 years helping customers through difficult times by identifying and setting their financial goals. Candido makes a plan to align and achieve your dreams and aspirations by taking a personalized approach. He develops a plan that is flexible and is sure to work in favor of his clients’ needs.

Learn more about Candido in the video below.

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Customer Reviews

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Trusted Financial Advisor

Candido takes the time to listen to truly understand your current financial state, your needs, and future desires. He then creates a financial plan that is specific to you! Highly recommend!

Solid Advice

Candido is a true professional, great to work with. After building a financial strategy and plan that fits your individual situation, Candido explains every aspect of the plan and does periodic follow-up letting you know how the plan is performing and recommends changes as needed. Highly recommended.

Helps simplify the complex world of personal finances

We all need someone we can trust when it comes to our finances. Candido has a wonderful reputation and is someone you can trust.

Candido Listens

Candido is interested in listening to his clients and setting them on the path to achieve their financial goals.