A group discussion about Why It’s Important to be Part of Relax Teams

Why It’s Important to be Part of Relax Teams


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

Are you running your business all by yourself? Do you sometimes think you can grow exponentially if only you had a little help from someone? In this video, members of the Relax Teams share what is the importance of being a member of Teams and how it feels like inside this group who helps each other grow.

 a group of business owners coming together to help each other

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First to share her experience as one of the very first people to be in Teams is Lisa. She remembers it was only Dennis and her in the first one or 2 zoom meetings that were later on joined by more members. 

Lisa: Dennis, you and I started it was you and I on the first one or two Zooms and then Paul joined, and then it grew from there. I appreciate all of the folks that I meet here, I have used so many of the services and I'm so glad to know about the different services in town and around that are available and the expertise. I love the camaraderie and the networking that we share together. So I think it's a great group.


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Desirae also shared what she appreciates the most being part of the Relax Teams. 

Desirae: I just thought to mention I've been here  like Lisa from this very beginning and I've seen so much evolution, I love the technology aspect of it, I appreciate all the back end work that you're doing Dennis because we just show up once a week but we don't really realize unless you're aware of it all of the stuff that you guys are doing on the back end for the website and for getting us on Shopify so that we can review each other and I think that goes a really long way. Same with social media and all the sharing. I think that we should encourage people to do the same thing on Google Business pages to share with each other or to rate each other and review each other. I think that would be a really good thing. I work with so many of you, I've met so many awesome people and now all your faces are so familiar. I feel like I've met every one of you in person and I think Dennis you're the only one I've met in person. But it's just great, I love the group and I will definitely commit to helping it grow.

Paul remembers how he and Dennis met over sushi and talked about the whole big plan of how everything’s coming together and how it evolved from there to what it is today. He personally witnesses how the Teams grow in terms of purpose and number of members.

Paul: Certainly many more people here now, I think it's great. One of the things that I enjoy is when we go to the breakout rooms, kind of getting in a little bit of a smaller intimate group discussion about whatever and for those, we can come up with a topic just for the group to discuss. Because of the ways that they've happened for me, the groups that I've been in sometimes it's been just an elaboration on the 45 seconds of what we do. So in some cases, we just kind of gave that elevator pitch a little bit more details to what we do. 


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Other times it was purely a business topic, and then other times, it was more social too. Each one of those definitely has merit and I enjoy that. So when you're thinking about what to do with the breakout rooms if you're going to continue that would kind of be the feedback for it. Lastly, I love the group, I try to make it every week. I think there's only been a handful that I've missed and it's just great to be with like-minded people and to hear different perspectives of people in different businesses as we all face the same growing pains and struggles and dealing with the pandemic and whatever the topic might be.

Benefits of joining an online networking group like Relax Teams: 

  1. Increased visibility
  2. Social media presence
  3. Meeting people virtually 
  4. Group discussions
  5. Marketing and networking
  6. Help each other grow by referrals

    Professional Networking

    Rachele, being a mom of 2 with a physical therapy business, says how being with the Teams works well with her, especially in this time of the pandemic.

    Rachele: I have my physical therapy business but I'm not looking to make it huge right now. I just can't with my two kids. So this has just been a great way for me to meet people and to network and not put a lot of pressure on myself to do so much marketing and like a couple of you already said, I’ve met a lot of you and a lot of you on the team have come to see me in my office which has been great and you've referred other people to me which obviously is also awesome. So for me, you guys are just a great group. I love that the meeting is virtual because as a mom just being able to go up to my office or come into the office and you know get on at 8 a.m and not have to worry about traveling somewhere with the kids has been great for me. It's really my main marketing and networking thing that I do and it's been a pleasure to be part of the group so, thank you.

    Candido remembers when the pandemic started most of the members didn’t have a platform to connect with people online. Thanks to Relax Teams he found a way to build his network and confidence.

    Candido: Some of my practice was virtual but through Teams, I've learned so much and with the topics and with every week I learn something new, and keep me updated. It's been a great way for me to supplement my practice because I have more to share with my clients and I know I have a network that I can easily refer to and send people to. Teams have been great because it has helped build up during the pandemic and even after building that foundation for me and my practice. We have to thank you, Dennis, you're doing a great job. Like as Desirae said, in the back end. It takes a lot of effort and works from you, you’re always bringing something new because this has evolved a lot like you've taken this from this small seed to this huge orchard and keeps growing.

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    Lisa's business partner, Jill, who lives in downtown Tampa, wishes she had a support group like this back there. It started with a simple invitation from Lisa to sit in with one of the meetings without any idea what it was all about.

    Jill: I remember when Lisa said “can you come to sit on this thing?” My friend, Dennis, my financial planner, now my accountant, he's putting this together. I'm like “what are you talking about?” And so I really feel like I've popped in every now and then when it's Lisa's turn to talk just so I could be here to cheer her on and coach her but what I've observed is everything that you guys have said. I love watching all of you grow.  I mean you guys are complete strangers to me. But like Candido, I remember the first time I saw you, you were so nervous and like you've gotten so much confidence and I just love watching people grow like that so kudos to everybody for helping this grow and you're helping each other. 


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