How To Find New Clients

How To Find New Clients


Are you looking for new clients? Do you want to know the easiest way to get referrals? Should you spend money on Facebook Ads? How to grow your email list? Watch our video and get the answers to these questions and more. 

1. Get Referrals

Jeannie Assante of IDSeal shares how she gets referrals by simply asking the question “Who do you know that would be a good fit for me?”. Jeannie has a portfolio of businesses and no matter what she is talking about at a particular moment, asking the question works. Oftentimes, when you are explaining something to a person, that person is already thinking of somebody that would fit.

     Why don't people get referrals? Because they don’t ask.

Referrals can also be found when organizing activities like networking events or trade shows. Your attendees can be the exact clients you are looking for, all you need to do is remind them. Get more tips on how to get referrals inside the video.

2.Use Social Media

Lisa Dvorin of Vfinity finds social media, Facebook in particular to be very helpful for her business. Facebook allows her to connect with a lot of people from high school she hasn’t seen for years. As a wellness consultant, she gets a lot of questions from them which made it easier to make new clients. More than that, having a Facebook page, organizing regular live events, posting testimonials, and posting quality articles helps in finding clients outside her group of friends. 

     Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads may or may not work. Paul Taubman of Digital Maestro shares how he was able to generate calls by using Facebook Ads. In this video, find out how and why setting up ads to promote free training sessions or free webinars is an effective tool to get new clients. 

With $30 dollars a day you can run Facebook ads for your product or service. However, is it the best thing to do if you want people to buy your product? Desirae Haluk of Clairant Services, LLC. explains why ads to drive traffic to your website could be easier and more cost-effective. Desirae shares a lot of marketing tips for you so keep watching.

Dennis Harabin of Relax Tax also shares how social media ads could be more difficult than Google. Your ads should be very targeted to the exact people as it is no different from doing cold calling where you only have 15 seconds to be as compelling as you can be. Dennis explains further what is inbound and outbound marketing.

3. Spend time with Google My Business

This is one of the most important places to spend your time with. Dennis shares how Google puts preference on locality and puts a priority on products. Google puts their focus where they make money, and Google makes money through Google shopping.  

4. Get Started with Email Marketing

The trick with email marketing is the list that you have and the message that you write. Desirae shares two powerful sources if you don’t have a list yet. 


If you have a huge budget ZoomInfo is a really good option. For around $12,000 dollars a year, you get an unlimited amount of contacts. It is a database of 30 million people and it can tell you what they’re searching for when they are at work, what positions they are in, how long they’ve been with the company, what their initiatives are. 


Lead411 is a more affordable option. For $37 a month if you pay annually (or $50 a month if you pay monthly) you get 150 contacts a month and you can use filters to hone in on your exact audience. They also have larger packages depending on what you want. Lead411 is a very affordable resource to tap into to grow your list.

     How about sending private emails to warm leads?

Sending individual emails with personal touches also works effectively. Watch until the end to hear personal stories about how powerful private emails are.

5. Collect Reviews and Use Them

As a Realtor, Marlene Orlandi shares how finding clients is different for her. Marlene sells real estate for a living and it is a relationship business. To build relationships over a period of time, reviews are very important. The beginning of the relationship is trying to show someone your value as a realtor and that is creating a market analysis for them. Therefore, finding new clients needs an entirely different marketing approach.

Thanks to Relax Teams members, we get to realize that there are a lot of ways and places to find new clients but it always depends on the essence of the product or service you are offering among others.

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