Continuous Learning During the Pandemic

Continuous Learning During the Pandemic


Have you heard of continuous learning? How about continual learning? Either you prefer the former or the latter, the concept of learning should always be a priority if you want to grow your business or succeed professionally. Continuous learning has become a vital role in acquiring new skills and in dealing with change. During the pandemic, if you think training initiatives should be discontinued, you are wrong. 

In this Relax Teams blog post, Team Central Jersey shares how they continue to learn and pay it forward by participating in the learning process of others. With the changes resulting from the Coronavirus, traditional methods of training are out of the picture. How can you deliver training? Learn from our Professionals. 

Adapting to the Modern Learning Environment

On the Bus Founder Chris Lipper on Sales Training Class 

Chris shares a recent sales training class they had which was a three-part class on How to Have a Sales System. In Part 3 of the training, Chris shares how they organize a role-play based on the previous two pieces of training they had. They set people up and right there, 2 out of 10 prospects turned into live buyers on the spot. This shows that conducting training is not only an avenue to learn but can also be an opportunity to meet clients. 

Wellness Consultant Lisa Dvorin on Facebook Live and Web Page Support 

Lisa does a lot of training with those who are following the program they offer. Lisa shares they often do Facebook Live events and web page support so they can offer individual support whenever people need it. People are almost always online and this makes it easier for information to be passed on. 

Lisa with Heart Founder, Lisa Orazietti on Online Training

Lisa shares that she used to have big groups of 12-15 participants like fitness instructors, boy scouts, and new parents among others coming to her. Going online, Lisa shares that there is added intimacy to it as the training is being held in people’s living rooms most of the time. Somehow, going into people’s worlds quietly has been different at some levels. 

Lisa also does training for corporate groups and does the training online via Zoom. The shift from in-person training to online is a challenge as there is a big difference between providing hands-on training and merely discussing what they need to know. 

Chief Online Strategist Paul Taubman on Coaching Program 

Paul shares about the recent training they had. He did five days of training, two of which were from a coaching program for marketers. It involves all kinds of training from sales, getting your message out, and how to run operations among others. And there was also a 3-day training that he attended with Grant Cardone, a renowned sales trainer. Paul shows how you can still be active in learning despite being stuck at home.

Paul also has a membership group where he teaches people and trains them on how they can develop their website and how they can improve their marketing strategies. Pre-pandemic, they meet once a month but starting late August they started to meet weekly to be able to provide people an extra hand.

Senior Relationship Banker Randy Morgan on Online Training for Employees and Clients

Randy shares that pre-pandemic, they used to go to headquarters like Buffalo, Maryland, or Delaware for training. Now, they do everything online via Zoom or Webex. Also, whenever M&T buys a bank, the transition process includes a buddy system where they send people to the new branch to help. This time, it is online as well via Webex.

In addition, Randy shares that in this new digital world where a lot of their clientele seems to be older, they need to assist them and train them too. They used to sit with the clients and show them how to use the Apps and now sending digital demos to show how to set up online banking is of utmost importance. They also have a Money Mentor Program having different categories which are made depending on the audience’s needs.

Randy can attest that the bank is always doing something different to provide training for employees, customers, and prospects. 

Financial Advisor Chris Nichols on Hosted Webinars

Chris shares how he finds hosted webinars as a very helpful tool for the financial industry. Company-provided training is mostly about strategies and ideas for households and businesses. However, concepts and ideas that come from experience are provided by senior advisors who have been in the business for over 20 years. Hosted webinars made it possible and easy for the senior advisors to share what they know in the comfort of their home.

Insurance Specialist Jake Meola on Sandler Training

Jake shares about Sandler Training, a famous training organization addressing sales, management, and leadership that he attended. Jake shares that (1)  It helps you differentiate yourself from others by doing what everyone else isn’t doing and focusing on the customers. (2)  It makes sure that you are asking the right questions and being a real human, not just a salesperson. (3)  It teaches you how to connect with people on a personal level where it’s more comfortable and friendly than just a business interaction. 

On this, Dennis Harabin of Relax Tax added that the local Chamber of Commerce hosts Zoom training where you can get some exposure to the Sandler Training without having to commit to it. 

Joining a business networking group is a great way to continue learning as you communicate with other professionals. If you want to be part of a group where continuous learning is a culture, join a Team now.

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