Blogging Ideas to Grow Your Business

Blogging Ideas to Grow Your Business


Why is blogging important in my brand? How to write a blog post? What to blog about? Do I need to write a blog post myself? Where do I blog?

Watch this video and get all the answers to the questions above.

Blogging can be difficult especially if you haven’t done it before but in this video, Paul and Desirae will show you that blogging is much easier than you think. 

Paul Taubman is from Digital Maestro who shares about their Ultimate Blog Challenge where people need to blog every day for a month. They also have a Facebook group where people can post their blogs for the day and everybody participating has the opportunity to visit each other’s websites. 

Having a lot of experience in blogging, Paul also shares the following important notes you can take.

  1. Turn a phone conversation with a client to a blog post. Having in mind that somebody out there can have the same question, the next time a client calls asking about something, start jotting your answers down and make a blog post out of it.
  2. Post your blogs on your website. This way, you are owning it and getting the traffic. Once your article is on Google, you can now copy and paste your blog on different platforms. 
  3. Post on a regular/consistent basis. This will help increase traffic to your website and it will be easier for Google to find you.
  4. Try to curate the content. You may not be the expert but you can bring in the experts and you become the go-to person because you're scouring the internet. 
  5. Sign up with Search Engine Console (formerly Webmasters). This will help you make your website more discoverable to Google Search.

Desirae Haluk is the founder and CEO of a marketing company Clairant Services that helps companies establish their brand, discover who they are and define what they offer. In this video, she provides great ideas on what to blog about and how to blog better.

  1. Think about what your customer’s biggest pain points are. Then, come up with a question to ask that revolves around those points.
  2. Recycle your old content. Update your content with keyword search using tools like Google or Ubersuggest.
  3. A blog post doesn’t have to be a thousand words. It can be a 300-word blog as long as you can get the point across. 
  4. Write list-type blog posts. Use bullet points to make your blog easier to read.
  5. Try vlogging. Add videos on your site about your product or services.
  6. Have guest bloggers. Look for partners who compliment what you offer and invite them to be a guest blogger on your website.
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