Best Mobile Apps To Use

Best Mobile Apps To Use

Mobile Apps are important for your business. They can help you run your business more efficiently by allowing you to accomplish tasks faster and easier. 


In this video, Relax Teams members talk about their favorite apps from navigation software to mobile-friendly accounting app. Read the list of apps below and watch the full video to get extra little details from our Team CNJ.

       1. WAZE

Relax teams members share their fondness for the navigation software, Waze. It has been a very helpful app that they get to use every day. With its game-like features, users are able to go where they want all while enjoying the app.

However, does the location information something to be worried about?

Randy Morgan of M&T Bank shares his personal experience when he was looking for a new car. Due to privacy concerns, some car companies don’t use Android Auto, an app that can be very invasive about your privacy. Watch the video and learn which car company he talked about. How worried should you be about your privacy? Does your information stay private despite using smartphones and social media like Facebook? Randy expresses his views inside the video.

      2. ZOOM

Jeannie Assante of IDSeal mentions how she is able to speak to people from all over the world within a short period of time and how it has become such a powerful and popular tool. More than connecting people, Zoom has also allowed online events such as virtual trade shows which weren’t possible before. 

What are the pros and cons of communications apps like zoom? Hear it from Jeannie and Paul Taubman of Digital Maestro.

Zoom allows us to skip the travel time for going from one place to another. Instead of using the time to travel, we are given more time to do business. However, have you ever heard of “zoom burnout”? Sometimes, for trying to be very efficient, we decide to go from one zoom meeting to another without taking the time to process things. Find out how we can avoid burnout while staying efficient.

      3. Medical Insurance Apps

Chris Tarnowski shares that a lot more benefits have been included in medical insurance apps as a part of getting people on virtual care. You can find the list of doctors and even benefits and rewards programs. In the video, he shares some of the best insurance apps he knows.

      4. NextDoor

As a social app helping people who are in the process of moving, Nextdoor has also been very advantageous in looking for networking events.

      5. Banking Apps

Randy shares the importance of banking apps as the heart of your business. With mobile apps, you can take a picture of a check, email documents, send signatures, and create business accounts in a very convenient way. 

      6. Expensify

Dennis Harabin of Relax Tax recommends for everyone to use Expensify. It is a powerful tool that can track your expenses and mileage. You can tie it in your banking app and can do the accounting for you. The best part is, all the mentioned benefits and more are available using the free version.

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