Tech Tuesday episode 8 Part II

What the Future Looks Like for Metaverse, NFTs, And More

In light of the impact of the pandemic, technology has been reactivated and re-imagined. TechTuesday invites technology industry experts, app developers, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts for a learning call to discuss key tech know-hows, challenges, and innovations.

Watch #techtuesday Episode #8 Part 2 and meet John Genovese of Amazon Web Services.

Hosted by:  Jonathan Katz of Business on a Browser

John Genovese is a team-oriented leader and accomplished Management Consultant turned Sales and Business Development Executive. He has led global teams with a consistent track record of overachieving. He has been called in to grow and mentor teams while setting a standard of “value-first” with his Objectives and Key Results (OKR) approach to establishing and growing client partnerships.   

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In the first part of this interview, Jonathan and John talked about the importance of the Objectives and Key Results methodology in order to have clarity on how well it helps businesses to leverage their goals. They proceeded with the interview and touched on an exciting topic for this podcast: AR, Blockchain, Real Estate in a virtual world, etc.

OKRs software

Jonathan: How do you keep track of all these OKRs? Do you run a couple of different excel sheets or is there some awesome technology out there that you use to keep it all and measure it?

John: There are some really awesome technology platforms that have been designed and built specifically for tracking OKRs and I messed around with them. I've actually been invited to be on an advisory board for one of them at one point. But truthfully, you can also accomplish it in a spreadsheet. A google sheet works just as well because you can feel free to share it with the various folks in your team or your family members or even customers depending on your privacy and security protocols. By doing that, I think that one of the key things about OKRs is that it's very visible and transparent. Being able to do it in a google sheet I think has worked really well for us as well.

John gives us the tip of the iceberg about Metaverse. He admits he is super excited about it because it is THE future.

Jonathan: People are buying real estate in a virtual world, I even saw that people are designing sneakers for the Metaverse. Tell us more about that, like what's the industry? Where do you see it going? 

John: I think that I could talk about this all day long, I think diving into this space is so exciting to me because it's what's to be around the next 10, 20, 30 years. I read the book Ready Player One and it was just so enthralling to me and when the movie came out I thought was incredible. I don't know if you've read the second Ready Play 2 that was incredible. It's almost like the playbook for where this is all going.

The Blockchain

John: I think the blockchain has unlocked the ability to make it a reality. Before blockchain, it was almost a pipe dream. It was like a cool thing that maybe one day will happen in the future. Now with blockchain, it's real, it really happened. It's effectively going on to these platforms that are things like Decentraland and Sandbox and there are many others of varying degrees of popularity and effectively owning it. Think of it as a certificate of authenticity like “I'm going to own this piece of a virtual plot of land”, that gives you certain entitlements and certain rights. 

Decentraland Marketplace

John: Right now, if you go to Decentraland or Sandbox, you can build games on it. You can lease it out to different developers. If they can build games on it, maybe you get paid a little bit of a tenant fee. But for me, what's exciting about all this is looking now to the next evolution of this. Now you have all these disparate platforms of Metaverse and I'm talking about things like Roblox and Minecraft. 

When you go through these different types of platforms that you have an avatar and you're able to explore and interact with this world, that's really cool but what's going to happen when there is going to be some open-source centralized API that connects all these platforms together? Your avatar or those shoes that you bought are somehow able to then be transferred from land to Roblox and back again into every other world. 

Metaverse NFT

John: When that type of interoperability becomes real, I think that is when all of this really starts to explode. The other side I'll say is that looking to the future, you look at some of these platforms and now you have platforms that are effectively overlaying the real world. So when you go into New York City Times Square there are these platforms that are overlaying with NFTs, an area of the real world in the Metaverse.

Future Cities

John: Think about what's gonna happen right now you, think “oh hey cool I own a portion of Times Square”. There's probably not too much that can happen today but in the future when everyone has the contact lenses or the low profile glasses that are now viewing the world and with the superimposed kind of AR, it's seamless. It's not like you're wearing these google glasses, you can still walk around. But when you almost can't tell you're wearing something that's going to superimpose the future into your line of sight, think about what that does now if you own a piece of Times Square. 

In this Metaversal space, you will have advertisers coming to you to say “look this is a really important platform, we wanna advertise here and we're gonna have to pay you now to put our advertisement”. People in the advertising space will come to you because you own it. It's so early that it's almost wonky to even think about it, but it's coming.

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