Tech Tuesday Episode 10 Part 2

How User Experience Can Help Your Website get Found


In light of the impact of the pandemic, technology has been reactivated and re-imagined. TechTuesday invites technology industry experts, app developers, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts for a learning call to discuss key tech know-hows, challenges, and innovations.

Watch #techtuesday Episode #10 Part 2 and meet Shawn Swaim of Shawn the SEO Geek.

Hosted by: Jonathan Katz of Business on a Browser

Shawn Swaim aka “the SEO Geek,” helps eCommerce businesses get more qualified traffic, eliminate conversion dissonance, increase conversion rates, and build a follow-up sales funnel to increase revenue with a process called Reverse SEO. He has worked with 150+ eCommerce companies ranging from six-figure solo entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar Fortune-500/IR-500 Organizations.

There are so many things that could go on once the website is built. For Shawn, the most valuable part of your day should be spent taking a step back and putting yourself in your customer's shoes. It’s a basic business principle that applies to SEO too. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Is my site organized in a way that people can easily get through and find what they're looking for? Assuming that they find me in the first place, are people able to get through my site and get to where they need to be as fast as possible?


How User Experience Can Help Your Website get Found


User experience is really what it's all about now. Shawn said in jest that SEO really isn't about search engine optimization, it's search experience optimization. It's about the experience you are giving your visitors. At the end of the day, Google goes out and reads your website and experiences your website. If Google's crawler lands on your website to start reading it and determining where to put your website but it's taking a full 10 seconds for the page to load, it’s not good for you and for the users.


Recommended tool for writing content

Shawn recommends a tool called It gives you all the questions about specific topics that people are asking in various places across the web. And that is where you get an idea of what content you are going to write on your website.

For instance, if there's a question being asked around about “what's the best type of blue widget?” Answer that as a blog. It's relevant, it's on topic, it's recent, and it improves the customer experience. When you’re using “answer the public,” you know people are asking it. It's not just a guess.

One of the elements that Google likes is freshness. They want to see if a website is still active. If somebody lands there, are they going down to a dead end? If Google is seeing that every now and then a new page of content is added, that's a good way of just keeping that fresh signal around with Google. So a great thing to do is just answer questions related to your space.

Quick SEO tips

Really pay attention to your SEO especially if you're going through a rebuild. If you're getting to rebuild your website and relaunch your website and if your URL structure is changing, Google is going to view those old ones unless you put a 301 redirect in place. They are going to view all of those as 404 errors. Thinking about the fact that Google wants to deliver a great user experience, if they try to get to your website and there are a lot of broken pages, you're out. Thinking through those kinds of back-end things is really important.


“My favorite piece of technology is anything that democratizes things for people. I’m a fan of the fact that you can go out and buy basically a studio-quality microphone, you can buy anything that gives you the utilities of stuff that people used to think was out of reach. That's where I think the best technology really comes from, is the fact that anything you want is within reach now.”

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