TBT RareFinds NJ Episode 3 part 3

Why Invest in Pocket Watches?


#TBTRareFinds series will take you on an adventure into the culture and trends of the past including antiques, vintage items, art history, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, and other related topics.

Watch #TBTRareFinds Episode 3 Part 3 and learn about the value of American Pocket Watches.

Hosted by: George Pizzo

Glenn Anderson, Owner, and Founder of American Pocket Watch Collection. He’s currently residing in Germany and has been collecting pocket watches for the past 30 years.

americanpocketwatch.de website


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Glenn reveals that he is also one of the administrators of an FB group called Vintage Pocket Watches. It is one of the largest pocket watches groups on Facebook with over 11,000 members. He invites everyone to join the group. If anyone has some questions, they have many qualified watch experts in that group willing to help you and it costs nothing to join.

American Pocket Watch Expert’s advice:

“Save the pocket watch community. I try to save as much as I can and I advise people to save as much, it’s a great investment, it sounds strange but it’s actually an investment because they never lose their value, they go up.” 

Q: Is the market for pocket watches stable or does it fluctuate?

A: It fluctuates a little bit. It’s a supply and demand thing. If somebody is selling 5000 7 Jewel pocket watches, they won’t nearly be as expensive as if somebody was selling 5. The higher the grade of the pocket watch, the more value it’s gonna have. The rare the pocket watch, the more value it has. There’s all this stuff that I could get into and I hope possibly we have the opportunity to get into detail. There are also private labels that I can talk about. There are watchmakers, Cornell for example, who have existed for only 5 years. 

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