Worked in the Fields Since Primary School, Now Teaches Underprivileged Children for Free

Worked in the Fields Since Primary School, Now Teaches Underprivileged Children for Free

Meet The Man Who Teaches Underprivileged Children For Free

Photo from Humans of Bombay Facebook Page



“If I was born to be a slave, then why are you even sending me to school?” he once asked his father.


This is a story of a man who grew up as a child laborer but refused to quit school. 

His father was a farmer, and so he worked in the fields since primary school. 

However, he didn't let that stop him from pursuing his education.

After work, he would cycle 30 kilometers every day to reach his school.

He continued working to pay his school fees and he became the first in his family to complete high school.

He got admitted into college and paid the fees by selling his textbooks.

But then, he needed to drop out as his father fell ill. His father recovered but he lost all his savings and could no longer go back to school. At that time, his hopes and dreams of becoming an engineer shattered.


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He sold watermelons, worked at construction sites, and saved every penny until he was able to start a small grocery store. 

In 2006, he encountered children begging on construction sites whose parents can’t afford to send them to school. 

He remembered his childhood and how much he loved going to school. So he bought textbooks for them and started teaching them.

Within a year, from conducting a class under a tree, he was already teaching over 300 kids in a makeshift school under the bridge. 

He provided basic education and helped them enroll in government schools. 

Now, he is a man who is fulfilling every kid’s dreams through free education. 

“Sir, I’ve been accepted into engineering college!” - said one of his former students.

“You’re fulfilling my dream!” - he happily answered.


What success looks like


Remember,  when you hit roadblocks on your way, don't let them stop you. Keep pushing forward and getting to where you want to be, because every challenge is a stepping stone in your journey to achieving something great. Keep going, keep working hard and never give up on your dreams.


This Once Poor Child Gets To Inspire & Teach Underprivileged Kids

This is a story published on Facebook by Humans of Bombay


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