The Impact of the Pandemic on Children

The Impact of the Pandemic on Children

 “When we go through a crisis like this, it draws people out of their homes to be a force for good.”


In this video, Tracy shares how she fell in love with functional medicine and the intersection of mental health most especially with the youth.

Tracy is the owner of Slingshot Health Coaching. She is a functionally trained Health and Wellness Coach, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a Brain Health Coach.

With her heartfelt enthusiasm, she elaborately shares how society has gone warp speed in the opposite direction of the way that we are designed to live in terms of the power that food and lifestyle have. And how the children are at the mercy of it.

Tracy shares her knowledge and passion to bring an understanding of nutrition and lifestyle from conception all the way to adult life including our food choices. She will make you understand how our brain tries to develop itself on a diet and how essential the food we eat is. She encourages people especially parents to pull back on the processed foods and return to whole food.

See this video until the end to learn how you can begin slowly to move away from what is poisoning the brain especially with children. Learn how food is wired to give us vibrant health.

And lastly, Tracy shares how COVID has created an opportunity for us to realize about children's anxiety being occupied with so many things yet remaining hopeful that something good will come out of this pandemic.

Tracy ended by encouraging us to release any fear that we have and step out into life believing that there is so much more good than bad.

Click here to learn more about Tracy and Slingshot Health Coaching.


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