Project Scholarship: From Classroom to Career with Less Debt

Project Scholarship: From Classroom to Career with Less Debt

On November 2021 Lunch and Learn Event: Jobs: Insights from Employers, Interview and Job Search Tips, Relax Teams’ captain, Dennis Harabin talked about Project Scholarship.

Relax Teams’ Very Own Non-profit Organization 

By Dennis Harabin

Dennis Harabin is a CPA obsessed with helping people to retain more of what they earn so that they can pursue their passions. He takes a holistic approach to tax planning that makes him more of a Financial Architect than just a Tax Preparer.

Project Scholarship

Everyone knows there's a big disparity between what the students are looking for and what the opportunities are out there. Data shows that there’s a huge difference between the number of students versus the projects that students have, that they just don't want.

Considering these things, Relax Teams is announcing a major pivot. Relax Teams actually have their own non-profit called Project Scholarship that has been working on for the last couple of years. Project Scholarship was founded with the purpose of helping students to basically go from classroom to career with less debt. For the last couple of years, Relax Teams have been creating small projects that they've been putting out there.

What is Project Scholarship Program?

Project Scholarship gives any student the chance to earn micro-scholarships by doing quick real-world projects for potential employers.

Our online marketplace is a Win for Students, a Win for Colleges and Universities, and a Win for companies. The way it works is that any company can "CrowdSource" a predefined project to CURRENT or POTENTIAL college students

Win for Students - The quick-hitting projects or tasks allow the students to practice real-world skills and build their resumes while in school.  Most importantly, every dollar in scholarships is one less dollar that the student needs to borrow helping to alleviate our nation's Student Debt Crisis.

Apprenticeship Programme

Project Scholarship is going to start creating its own type of apprenticeship program. They're focusing first on Grow with Google and some of the tools on Coursera. Mostly on Coursera courses that help businesses to actually start an apprentice program. The objective for them is to take someone, teach them what they want to learn, and then allow it to be a scholarship type of situation. Watch out for the details that will be coming out over the next couple of months.

Still, Relax Teams are going to retain their traditional Project Scholarship where you can do projects in exchange for the scholarship.  The money goes straight to the college and educating them in college and university. 

But they found out that the people who really want to do this aren't the people sitting in colleges and the people who can really benefit from them. The data shows that non-college students really want to have the chance to be able to give in these types of apprenticeships and re-educate themselves.  So that's what Project Scholarship is going to do.

Paying over the course of a session to train someone fully to become a UI front-end developer with Coursera is $300. The cost of the education has just come way down so that's what Project Scholarship is. We're a 501(c)(3) non-profit so we can go out there and volunteer. The main agenda of Project Scholarship is meant to be for students by students. We just oversee and help them, give them all the tools they need to be successful in what they're going to do.
-Dennis Harabin

High hopes for 2022

When Relax Teams scheduled this pivot six months ago, the intention was to talk more about where it's going. They weren't planning a pivot at first, but that pivot is going to go into place so that they’re head-on and fully prepared for 2022.  This new apprenticeship program is expected to be exponentially more successful.

Go to and check it out.

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