Pregnancy during a Pandemic

Pregnancy during a Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world more than we realize. You may often hear from the news about how our economy has been disrupted. However, the pandemic has also changed who we are, how we work and learn, and how we relate to the people around us. 

Watch this video where Rachele and Carolyn talk about the impact of the pandemic on children based on their respective roles and how they manage to adjust their personal and professional lives. 

Rachele is a mother of two and is a Physical Therapist for 17 years focusing on Myofascial Release.

She shares her experience of giving birth during this pandemic period from hospital experience, visitor restrictions, and limited daily activities. She also talks about the lack of social interactions that children are experiencing and the concerns that comes with it as a parent. 

Carolyn on the other hand is a director at the Center for Great Expectations (CGE), an Early Relational Health Specialist.

At CGE, Carolyn is the director of START program which offers services in client’s homes designed to overcome the barriers to recovery for pregnant and parenting people. Due to COVID-19, they had to shift from an intimate setting around clients to limited in-home services and using telehealth. 

Also, she discusses how they measure progress on outcomes based on data in order to create a complete picture of how their services meet their client’s goals.

Lastly, she brings up how COVID-19 can greatly impact infants who are born in a high-stress environment from a change in brain structure up to a child’s development.

Click here to learn more about Rachele and Myofascial Release and to learn more about The Center for Great Expectations, click here.


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