The Center for Great Expectations with Peg Wright

The Center for Great Expectations with Peg Wright

This video is about a beautiful and inspiring story of how The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) started and how the CTARI Institute was born.

Peg Wright proudly shares how a two-bedroom little house in Somerville accommodating pregnant women turned into two buildings in Somerset, one for adults and their children and one for pregnant and parenting adolescents.

Peg tells the story of how she spoke with several people to learn about how a non-profit functioned and how it all emanated from the board. Attracting people with the same heart and vision for the work that they do, they were able to raise about $5 million which was used to build the said two buildings.

You will learn where the concept of treating substance use and mental health disorders through the lens of trauma came from. In addition, they have integrated what is called Early Relational Health, which looks at the attachment of the mother and child.

They didn’t stop from there and created a continuum of care recognizing what the women and children need. With GCE’s experience and incredible expertise, CTARI Institute was born. It is a training institute that integrates the clinical component and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) component.

After watching this video, we are encouraging you to go to their website and watch their inspiring videos such as the 2020 Virtual Gala and 2019 Hope Lights the Way.

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